The Science of Chocolate, 2nd Edition By Stephen Beckett

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Chocolate is available to today's consumers in a variety of colours, shapes and textures. But how many of us, as we savour our favourite brand, consider the science that has gone into its manufacture? This book describes the complete chocolate making process, from the growing of the beans to the sale in the shops. The Science of Chocolate first describes the history of this intriguing substance. Subsequent chapters cover the ingredients and processing techniques, enabling the reader to discover not only how confectionery is made but also how basic science plays a vital role with coverage of scientific principles such as latent and specific heat, Maillard reactions and enzyme processes. There is also discussion of the monitoring and controlling of the production process, and the importance, and variety, of the packaging used today. A series of experiments, which can be adapted to suit students of almost any age, is included to demonstrate the physical, chemical or mathematical principles involved. Ideal for those studying food science or about to join the confectionery industry, this mouth-watering title will also be of interest to anyone with a desire to know more about the production of the world's favourite confectionery.

Stephen T. Beckett’s The Science of Chocolate is a staple on the shelves of chocolate makers everywhere. This volume takes a deep look at the mechanics and chemistry behind the chocolate making process, and integrates everything from the history of chocolate to practical issues like packaging and nutrition.

For anyone interested in food science, the book caps off with a series of experiments that demonstrate the physical, chemical, and mathematical principles involved in the process of making chocolate from the bean. A dense but accessible resource, the volume is useful for home chocolate makers and industry professionals alike.



Contents :

Chapter 1 : The History of Chocolate

Chapter 2 : Chocolate Ingredients

Chapter 3 : Cocoa Bean Processing

Chapter 4 : Liquid Chocolate Making

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