Advances in Flavours and Fragrances From the Sensation to the Synthesis edited by Karl A.D. Swift

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Advances in Flavours and Fragrances
From the Sensation to the Synthesis
edited by Karl A.D. Swift


Bringing together international contributors, Advances in Flavours and Fragrances presents the most recent research in this key area.


Diverse topics are covered such as

  • stricture-activity relationships
  • analytical techniques
  • natural products and essential oils
  • organic and bio-organic chemistry
  • flavours and foods



    Structure Activity Relationships


    • Structure Activity Relationships and the Subjectivity of Odour Sensation
    • Relationship of Odour and Chemical Structure in 1- and 2-Alkyl Alcohols and Thiols



    • New Devlopments in Sorptive Extraction for the Analysis of Flavours and Fragrances
    • Application of chromatographic and Spectroscopic Methods for Solving Quality Problems in Several Flavour Aroma chemicals

    Natural Products and Essential Oils


    • Commercial Essential Oils: Truths and consequences
    • Stable Isotopes for Determining the Origin of Flavour and Fragrance Components: Recent Findings
    • Fragrant Adventures in Madagascar: The Analysis of Fragrant Resin from Canarium madagascariense
    • The Effect of Microgravity on the Fragrance of a Miniature Rose, 'Overnight Scentsation' on Space Shuttle (STS-95)

    Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry


    • Ambergris Fragrance Compounds from Labdanolic Acid and Larixol
    • The Synthesis of Fragrant Cyclopentanone Systems
    • Designing Damascone- and Ionone-like Odorants
    • Creation of Flavours and the Syntbesis of Raw Materials Inspired by Nature



    • New Results on the Formation of Important Maillard Aroma Compounds
    • Out of Africa: The Chemistry and Flavour Properties of the Protein Thaumatin
    • Stability of Thiols in an Aqueous Process Flavour
    • High Impact Aroma Chemicals


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