The Rogue Perfumer By Dr. Bobbie Kelly

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This is an unprecedented book with secret perfume formulas revealed from the private vault of Master Perfumer, Dr. Bobbie Kelley. This is a trail-blazing book in that, for the first time in the history of the perfume trade that a perfume company has allowed such private information or intellectual property to be released publicly. Perfumer, Bobbie Kelley shares her provocative passion for perfume and the creation of fragrant scents in this informative technical and thought-provoking book. Being The Rogue Perfumer that she is; her book serves as an inspiration to perfume lovers and perfumers all over the world. This long awaited book provides the clandestine knowledge of not only secret formulas to make different families of perfumes, but also reveals the thoughts, ideas and genuine feelings of a perfumer as she creates. Author Bobbie Kelley invites you to step into the mind of a perfumer as she exposes the surprising secrets of the perfume world. This book contains ninety-nine professional classic and modern perfume formulas created by the author and eighty-five beautiful photographs also taken by the author.X

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Sold Out