Beautiful SCENT The Magical Effect of Perfume on Well-Being

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About this book

Published: 08 July 2023

This book will make you a perfume insider. 

Discover the effects, trends and future of perfume.                                           

Perfumery is on the verge of its third revolution, neuroperfumery, due to new methods of brain research and current findings in fragrance psychology.

With this exciting and well-written book, you will gain a comprehensive insight into the creation, world and practice of modern perfumery, as well as interesting insider information. Current findings in psychology, aromatherapy, brain research and neuroperfumery on the effects of fragrances make Beautiful SCENT a treasure trove of new insights. 

As a non-fiction book with an advice component, it is easy to read without prior knowledge and provides many practical tips. Among other things, you will learn that some perfumes can do much more than just smell good, how perfumers and marketers create their perfumes, which scent preferences prevail and how the effect of scent can specifically influence one's own experience and enjoyment of life. 

Target groups

All those who love perfumes and fragrances and would like to learn more about the magical effect of perfumes on well-being and perhaps play with the idea of creating their own perfume one day. It is also ideal for those who work in the fragrance, cosmetics and beauty industry and would like to refresh their knowledge of perfumes. 

About the author

Dr. Joachim Mensing is a qualified psychologist, sociologist and trained nose with over 30 years of professional experience in perfumery and fragrance therapy. At one of the largest fragrance manufacturers, he became a trend coach for perfumers and developed methods of perfume development and marketing. Many of the perfumes he worked on received coveted awards such as the Fifi Award, the Oscar for perfumes. He himself received the honorary award of the FRAGRANCE FOUNDATION for the development and marketing of the perfumes Cool Water by Davidoff, Joop! and Jil Sander, and he was also recognized for studies in neuroperfumery and neuropsychology.


Table of contents (15 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages I-XXI
  2. The Research of the Fragrance Effect

    • Joachim Mensing    Pages 1-33
  3. Perfumes in Change

    • Joachim Mensing    Pages 35-51
  4. Psychology of Perfume Choice

    • Joachim Mensing   Pages 53-80
  5. Welcome to the Neuroperfumery

    • Joachim Mensing Pages 81-97
  6. Insider Knowledge Perfumery

    • Joachim Mensing   Pages 99-137
  7. Insider Knowledge Perfume Industry and Trade

    • Joachim Mensing   Pages 139-155
  8. Scent Online: Storytelling and Digital Marketing of Perfumes

    • Joachim Mensing    Pages 157-173
  9. Big and Small Moments of Modern Perfumery

    • Joachim Mensing   Pages 175-199
  10. On the Way to the Future of Smelling

    • Joachim Mensing   Pages 201-221
  11. Scent Therapy: Scents for More Joie De vivre

    • Joachim Mensing    Pages 223-253
  12. Sales Psychology of Fragrance Consulting

    • Joachim Mensing     Pages 255-267
  13. Welcome to the Experience Perfumery

    • Joachim Mensing    Pages 269-299
  14. Stationary Perfumery in Change

    • Joachim Mensing    Pages 301-317
  15. Perfume Trends, International Fragrance Preferences and Mentalities

    • Joachim Mensing    Pages 319-335
  16. The Emergence of the Modern Perfumer

    • Joachim Mensing   Pages 337-345

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