Perspectives in Flavor and Fragrance Research edited by Philip Kraft and Karl Swift

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Perspectives in Flavor and Fragrance Research
edited by Philip Kraft and Karl Swift

Perspectives in Flavor and Fragrance Research is a compilation of the research results presented by international experts at the 2004 RSC-SCI Flavors and Fragrances conference held in the UK.

The subject matter was intentionally broad, covering:

  • natural products
  • fragrance chemistry
  • perfumes and olfaction
  • foods and flavors




  • Molecular and Cellular Basis of Human Olfaction
  • Vanishing Flora - Lost Chemistry: the Scents of Endangered Plants around the World
  • From the Linden Flower to Linden Honey - Volatile Constituents of Linden Nectar5, the Extract of Bee-Stomach and Ripe Honey
  • Pyrazines and Pyridines from Black Pepper Oil (Piper nigrum L.) and Haitian Vetiver Oil (Vetiveria zizanioides (L.) Nash )
  • 14-Methylpentadecano-15-lactone (Muscolide): A New Macrocyclic Lactone from the Oil of Angelica archangelica L
  • Odor and (Bio)diversity: Single Enantiomers of Chiral Fragrant Substances
  • Scent through the Looking Glass
  • Silylating Reagents: A Powerful Tool for the Construction of Isosteric Analogs of Highly Branched Odorants
  • New Woody and Ambery Notes from Cedarwood and Turpentine Oil
  • A Novel Approach to Prezizaane Sesquiterpenes
  • 'Brain Aided' Musk Design
  • New Alicyclic Musks: The Fourth Generation of Musk Odorants
  • New Macrocyclic Musk Compounds
  • The Search for New Fragrance Ingredients for Functional Perfumery
  • Binding Studies and Computer-Aided Modeling of Macromolecule/Odorant Interactions
  • Studies on the Volatile Compounds of Roasted Spotted Shrimp
  • Fun with Furans
  • Identification of New Odoriferous Compounds in Human Axillary Sweat


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