Perfumes Soaps Detergents & Cosmetics Volume 1 (Soaps & Detergents) by S. C. Bhatia

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Perfumes Soaps Detergents & Cosmetics Volume 1 (Soaps & Detergents)

Author : S.C.Bhatia

Binding : Hard Cover
Year : 2009
Edition : 1
Number Of pages : 711



This volume dealing with soap and detergents is the first part of a comprehensive text-book on the perfume soap detergent and cosmetic industries. Although primarily concerned with the manufacturing processes raw materials and equipment related to these industries it also considers ancillary topics needed for a full understanding of the subject. This reference textbook is intended for chemical engineers chemists postgraduates in chemistry and research students.

Chapter 1 discusses various raw materials used in soaps and detergents.

Chapter 2 is devoted to surfactants which include detergents as cleaning agents. Surfactants the performance chemicals used for human cleanliness and for industrial surface active applications occupy a vital place in todays chemical industry.

Chapter 3 describes the principal groups of synthetic detergents often preferred over common washing soaps on the ground of economics and efficiency.

Chapter 4 goes on to soap making oils and fats which are essentially glycerides and need pre-treatment therefore they can be manufactured into soap. The groupings of fatty acids and pretreatment processes are also explained.

Chapter 5 explains principle and manufacture of soap base by direct saponification. Chapter 6 deals with fatty acids as well as their use in production of soap base.

Chapter 7 is devoted to household soap and

Chapter 8 goes on to the recovery and refining of glycerine which is normally purified by distillation sometimes followed by bleaching and after- treatment. Alternative processes which use ion exclusion and ion exchange are also discussed.

Chapter 9 describes the industrial processes for the synthesis of detergents.

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