Aloes: The Genus Aloe edited by Tom Reynolds

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Special Indian reprint !


The Genus Aloe

edited by Tom Reynolds



  • Presents aloe science from the chemical, biochemical, botanical, taxonomic, and horticultual point of view
  • Describes the medicinal applications and commercial uses of the species
  • Includes an 8-page full-color insert to enhance the book's value a detailed reference

Aloes: The Genus Aloe reviews all botanical, chemical, biochemical, and medical information as well as commercial aspects of aloes.

The first part of the book features information on the habitat and taxonomy of aloes, followed by a section on aloe constituents. Part 3 focuses on therapeutic activity and includes chapters on aloe's role in wound healing, skin cancer, and the immune system. The final section is devoted to aloe biology. Chapters are written by accomplished contributors who share their expertise and insight from all areas of academia and industry.


Aloes: The Genus Aloe, providing a solid foundation for future research, guides researchers and professionals in the areas of botany, natural product chemistry, pharmacology, dermatology, and immunology. The present volume brings together a wealth of information on aloes from a variety of sources, including seldom-recorded folk customs.



  1. The Plants
  2. Aloes in Habitat
  3. Taxonomy of Aloaceae
  4. Aloe Constituents
  5. Aloe Chemistry
  6. Aloe Polysaccharides
  7. Aloe Lectins and Their Activities
  8. Analytical Methodology: The Gel
  9. Analysis of Aloe Pulp and its Derivatives
  10. Analytical Methodology: The Exudate
  11. Industrial Processing and Quality Control
  12. Therapeutic Activity of Aloes
  13. Healing Powers of Aloes
  14. Aloe Vera in Wound Healing
  15. Aloe Vera in Thermal and Frostbite Injuries
  16. Plant Saccharides and the Prevention of Sun-induced Skin Cancer
  17. Aloes and the Immune System
  18. Bioactivity of A. arborescens Preparations
  19. Aloe Biology
  20. The Chromosones of Aloe - Variation on a Theme
  21. Aloe Leaf Anatomy
  22. Pests of Aloes

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