Novel Cosmetic Delivery System

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Novel Cosmetic Delivery System
edited by Shlomo Magdassi

This innovative reference highlights the uses of delivery systems in cosmetics, analyzing new approaches for obtaining sophisticated cosmetic products and examining the most common methods for enhancing the skin's penetration properties. Covering a wide range of established and burgeoning techniques

Novel Cosmetic Delivery Systems:

describes the skin's effectiveness as a selective barrier to the penetration of compounds
charts the observation, evaluation, and instrumental analysis of the biological effects of cosmetics on the skin
discusses certain problems with product stability that hinder optimal performance
reviews in vivo and in vitro methods for quantifying permeants within the skin
summarizes the methods of preparing novel emulsions and vesicular carriers
focuses on the properties and applications of PFC-based gels
shows how cyclodextrins can be used in cosmetics
profiles the formation and properties of particulate systems
and more!
With over 1200 references, tables, equations, drawings, photographs, and micrographs, Novel Cosmetic Delivery Systems will benefit cosmetic chemists, scientists, and technologists; research and development personnel in cosmetics and fragrance industries; pharmaceutical formulation, colloid, physical, and fragrance chemists; surfactant scientists; fragrance technologists; skin physiologists, pharmacists and pharmacologists; biochemists and biologists; dermatologists; toxicologists; and graduate students in these disciplines.


Skin and Cosmetic Vehicles
Cosmeceutics and Delivery Systems
The Skin and Its Permeability
Enhancement of Skin Permeation
Skin Hydration

Evaluation of Cosmetic Products
Assessing the Bioactivity of Cosmetic Products and Ingredients
Stability Testing of Cosmetic Products
Quantitation of Penetrant Molecules Within the Skin

Emulsions and Surfactant Association Structures
Multiple Emulsions
Highly Concentrated Water-in-Oil Emulsions (Gel Emulsions)
Fluorocarbon Gels
Vapor Pressures of Fragrances After Application: Some Fundamental Factors

Vesicular and Molecular Systems
Liposomes and Follicular Penetration
Cyclodextrins in Cosmetics

Particulate Systems
Microcapsules in Cosmetics
Applications of Polyvinyl Alcohol Microcapsules
Delivery by Nylon Particles

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