National and International Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Marketing by Ranjan Magazine

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National and International Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Marketing

by Ranjan Magazine


274 Pages,

2014 Ed.




It s an Important Book on Pharmaceutical and cosmetics marketing for the use od Students, Pharmacists,formulators and Personnel in the marketing sector of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.


The Text Covers all aspects of pharmaceutical and cosmetics marketing like :

  • Nine Right ways to win customers
  • Eleven right ways to increase sales
  • One right way to win arguments
  • Case study of product positioning and stages of product life cycle
  • Right analysis of quality and quantity
  • How the industry can increase business , brand marketing, generic marketing, sales record,etc. and
  • The Vital role of Drugs and Cosmetics Act and rules to avoid Criminal Activities.


This Book aims to help and guide the organisations increase their business which in turn will increase the profits. The Book adequately covers marketing/sales section, laboratory testing section, advertisement section, pictures of pharmaceutical and cosmetics products and price list. All the pharmaceutical and cosmetics products are fundamentally based on synergistic formulations which have been explained; The synergistic effect is greater than the additive effect and is stronger in maintaining better health.


Contents  :

  1. Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Marketing
  2. Fundamental principles of Marketing Formula
  3. Nine Right ways to win Consumers
  4. One Right way to win Argument
  5. Eleven right ways to increase Sales
  6. Fundamental principles of Calculating and Forecasting Sales Target
  7. Fundamental Principles of Marketing Strategies to Product Positioning, Stages of Product Life Cycle
  8. Right Analysis of Quality and Quantity
  9. Analysis of Right time, Right efforts and Right Money
  10. Fundamental Principles of Administration to Company Organisation to increase Business
  11. Right ways to Consumer needs Satisfaction
  12. Right ways to Brand Marketing
  13. Right ways to generic Marketing
  14. World sales Data
  15. Sales Record
  16. Role of Drugs and Cosmetics Acts and Rules
  17. Cosmetics and Drugs cases
  18. Drugs and Cosmetics Abuse



About Author :


Ranjan Magazine, is currently Plant Head- Manufacturing and Marketing, Sunny Allied Industries, Jammu, J&K. He has authored Books Drugs and Cosmetics Formulations and Drugs and Cosmetics Act,1940 and Rules,1945.







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