Indian Medicinal Plants An Illustrated Dictionary by Khare, C.P

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Indian Medicinal Plants  An Illustrated Dictionary
by  Khare, C.P



  • The first updated source of Ayurvedic, Unani and Siddha synonyms of their botanical counterparts, after a gap of more than 30 years
  • More than 2000 medicinal plants and more than 100 species of non-Indian origin are covered
  • Pharmacognosy experts have selected important herbs and included them in the dictionary as four colour photographs under the "Crude Herb Identification Guide" section

In an easy to use dictionary style of A–Z presentation, this volume lists the taxonomy and medicinal usage of Indian plants. Also given are both traditional Indian and international synonyms along with details of the habitats of the plants.

This book, illustrated by over 550 full-color figures, is aimed at bringing out an updated Acute Study Dictionary of plant sources of Indian medicine. The text is based on authentic treatises which are the outcome of scientific screening and critical evaluation by eminent scholars. Readers, if they so desire, can always refer back to a particular research paper cited in the original source.

Pharmacognosy experts have selected important herbs, which were specially collected from leading pharamaceutical companies and pharmacopoeial laboratories and included in the dictionary as four colour photographs under the "Crude Herb Identification Guide" section. This is a unique feature and makes it an exclusive treat.

The Dictionary is presented in a user-friendly format, as a compact, handy, easy to use and moderately priced one-volume reference work.

Content Level » Professional/practitioner

Keywords » Ayurvedic Usage - Indian Medicinal Plants


A-Z presentation of Indian medicinal plants including taxonomy, traditional and international synonyms, plant parts, applications and pharmacokinetic action.



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