Household Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance Products

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This book is an updated English version, adapted to the international market, of the German original, Reinigungs- und Pflegemittel im Haushalt, published in 2003 and sold out in an exceptionally short time. In this modern, comprehensive and clear overview of the fundamentals and the products for cleaning and care in the home, competent authors in Science and Industry describe not only the basics and the economic relationships, but also the most common product categories such as dishwashing detergents, cleaners for hard and textile surfaces, and cleaning and care agents for floors, automobiles, and leather, their ingredients and their mode of action. The most important materials and surfaces to be cleaned in the household are also covered. Particular emphasis is laid on hygiene in the home. The content embraces everything from a short cultural history of home cleaning to the tenets of sustainable development. The aspects of ecological safety, eco-balances and consumer safety are treated thoroughly, as are the legal regulations and voluntary agreements of industry on cleaning and care agents in Europe.

In addition, many topical innovations are explained. The book gives a solid background to bring objectivity to the occasional discussion on cleaners as putative chemical cudgel, and provides a differentiated picture of these products.

This book is directed at teachers, but also at technicians in professional training and further education. They can use it as a practical, topical, and well-founded basis for instruction. The book is also aimed at scholars in higher level chemistry courses, students in Chemistry, and all readers interested in the scientific and technological aspects of our life. Furthermore it will help those in research and development and in applications technology in the detergent industry, as well as the producers of raw materials, to gain an overview of the subject rapidly and to learn about a couple of new developments in neighboring fields.

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Household Cleaning, Care (Ladenpreis DE: 29.50EUR)

1 Cleaning in the Household – Expectations, Requirements, Debates
1.1 The Right Agent for Every Purpose? Today's Product Groups for Cleaning and Care Agents
1.2 Fundamentals of Cleaning in the Household
1.3 Hygiene in the Home
1.4 A Short Cultural History of Cleaning and Cleaning Agents
1.5 References

2 Ingredients of Domestic Cleaning and Maintenance Products
2.1 Surfactants
2.2 Acids and Alkalis
2.3 Bleaches
2.4 Enzymes
2.5 Antimicrobial Agents
2.6 Solvents
2.7 Solubilizers (Hydrotropes)
2.8 Abrasives
2.9 Complexing Agents and Dispersants
2.10 Thickeners
2.11 Fragrance Oils, Odor Absorbers, and Colorants
2.12 Maintenance and Care Components
2.13 References

3 Household Materials and Surfaces
3.1 Hard Surfaces
3.2 Textile Flooring
3.3 Nanostructured Surfaces
3.4 References

4 Dishwashing Agents
4.1 Hand-Dishwashing Agents
4.2 Products for Automatic Dishwashers
4.3 Doing the Dishes: By Hand or in a Dishwasher?
4.4 References

5 All-purpose Cleaners and Scourers
5.1 All-purpose Cleaners
5.2 Moist Tissues
5.3 Abrasives
5.4 References

6 Cleaning Agents for the Kitchen, Bathroom, and Toilet
6.1 Cleaning Agents for the Kitchen and Bathroom
6.2 Toilet Cleaners, Rim Blocks, and Scented Flushing Agents
6.3 References

7 Cleaning and Care Products for Special Applications
7.1 Glass Cleaners
7.2 Stain Removers
7.3 Furniture Care Products
7.4 Cleaning and Care Products for the Floor
7.5 Odor Absorbers, Textile Fresheners, Air Fresheners
7.6 References

8 Shoe and Leather Care
8.1 Leather – A Unique Material
8.2 Production of Leather
8.3 Shoe-Leather Care
8.4 Care of Other Leather Products
8.5 References

9 Cleaning and Care Products for the Car
9.1 Carwashes
9.2 Rim Cleaners
9.3 Care of the Paintwork
9.4 Windscreen Cleaners
9.5 Vinyl Cleaners
9.6 References

10 Ecological Aspects of the Use of Household Cleaning and Care Products
10.1 Environmental Safety of Household Cleaning and Care Products
10.2 Life Cycle Assessments
10.3 References

11 Consumer Safety in the Application of Cleaning and Care Products
11.1 General Toxicological Aspects
11.2 Skin and Skincare
11.3 Toxicological Aspects of Inhalation
11.4 The Individual Ingredients
11.5 Accidents in the Household and Misuse of Products
11.6 References

12 Legal Regulations and Voluntary Agreements Governing Cleaning and Maintenance Products in Germany
12.1 Foodstuffs and Commodities Act
12.2 Detergents and Cleaning Products Act, Detergents Regulation (EC)
12.3 Chemicals Act
12.4 Weight and Measures Act, Prepackages Ordinance
12.5 Voluntary Agreements

References and Notes

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