Fragrances : Beneficial and Adverse Effects By Frosch

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Fragrances : Beneficial and Adverse Effects


By Frosch, Peter J.; Johansen, Jeanne D.; White, Ian R. (Eds.)
234 Pages

State-of-the art overview by well-known international specialists * Contributions deal with the unwelcome effects of aromas * Up-to-date knowledge on the environmental tolerability of certain aromas due to accumulation in the environment, a problem area receiving increasingly frequent attention, is presented


Fragrances are an integral part of our society. They are used in fine perfumes and in numerous other articles with which we have daily contact. Psychologists have discovered that certain fragrance components of body odour are important in attraction to the opposite sex. Many animals communicate by giving off scents and this is the basis for the agricultural use of fragrances as biological weapons to combat insects and other pests. In the field of dermatology, fragrances are today among the most frequent sensitizers and may trigger allergic contact dermatitis. Dermatologists and fragrance manufacturers are therefore highly motivated to increase their safety for human use. This volume presents numerous aspects of the topic for the first time in comprehensive form. It provides detailed information on recent neuropharmacological and psychosocial findings, chemistry and identification of sensitizers by various assays, and skin absorption studies and environmental issues. International guidelines for manufacturers are provided and commented upon..X

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