Fragrance for Personal Care

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Fragrance for Personal Care delivers the same quality and international appeal as the magazines.

Fragrance for Personal Care delivers to the reader a gamut of information from Formulation and Technology to Marketing and Trends and, therefore, reaches a wide audience with research scientists, chemists/formulators, marketing and sales, business owners and fragrance entrepreneurs.

Topics include:


  • Essential oils and aroma chemcials
  • Marketing and trends
  • Technology and Formulation
  • Packaging
  • Naturals and organics

This informative collection of articles covers a variety of topics to creat a solid foundation of knowledge about Fragrance for Personal Care in the cosmetics industry.


Artistry and Craft


  1. Lipstick and the Art of War
  2. The Benefits of Fragrance Materials
  3. Perfumer Q & A: Lush-ious Fragrances

Essential Oils and Aroma Chemicals


  1. Inside Look: Chemistry and Biochemistry of Vanilla
  2. Javanol: Fragrance Creation
  3. Patcholouly Oil, Absolute and Aroma Chemicals
  4. Material Review: Kashmir Lavender Oil
  5. Material Study: The Use of Essential Oils and Terpenics
  6. Woody Notes in Perfumery
  7. Woody Notes in Perfumery Part 1
...and chapters 11-16

Naturals and Organics


  1. Fragrancing with Naturals
  2. Exclusive Report: Natural Products in Fragrance

Packaging and Branding


  1. Small Package�Big Impact
  2. Splish, Splash�Packaging Takes a Bath
  3. Spray Technology: Propelling Toward the Future
  4. Scent: New Frontiers in Branding

Regulatory and Business


  1. Regulatory Notes: Communicating with Customers About Frag

Technology and Formulation


  1. Chemical Reaction Candle Power
  2. Sustaining Scent and Senstations
  3. Formulating with Citris: New Developments in Citrus Fragrance Ingredients
  4. Fragrancing Hair Care Products�An Overview
  5. Evaluating the Stability of Flavor and Fragrance Materials in Deodorant Sticks
...and chapters 29-42

Marketing and Trends


  1. Point of View: Natural Fragrance Ingredients
  2. Global Report: New Scents Revive Soaps
  3. Inviting Aromas
  4. Fragrancing with Intent
  5. Global Report: Aromatherapy
  6. Emerging Trends in Aromatherapy: Oral Care
...and chapters 49-58



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