Formulating Natural Cosmetics

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Formulating Natural Cosmetics
by Anthony C. Dweck

Formulating Natural Cosmetics provides a concise overview for both formulator and marketer of much of the chemistry of the natural world—the materials that inspire and aid the discovery of new product concepts and markets. This volume looks at the entire portfolio of natural raw materials and explains in simple terms the chemistry, the folklore and traditional uses that nature has provided.

For the first time, information has been assembled on almost 300 fixed oils, 200 essential oils and 600 botanical extracts, making this a useful handbook and companion for anybody who requires a quick overview of this subject. There is also a wealth of toxicological information assembled in this volume. The extensive section on color brings together knowledge and chemistry that is comprehensive and detailed and rarely found in one place.

Topics include:

Natural vegetable and fixed oils
Natural butters
Natural waxes

Fixed Oils
A Review of Butters
Fats and Waxes
Triterpenoidal Saponins
Natural Preservatives—An Update
Botanical Extracts
Essential Oils
Marine Extracts and Marine Margin Plants
Natural Actives
Isoflavones, Phytohormones and Phytosterols
Natural Anti-irritant Plants
Natural Colors
Gemmotherapy—The Life Force and Vitality of Buds
Gums, Gellants, Bulking Agents and Thickeners
The Legal Challenge

Toxicity of Essential Oils
Natural Colors Review
Scrubs and Abrasives

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