Formulating Detergents and Personal Care Products by Louis Ho Tan Tai

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Formulating Detergents and Personal Care Products

Edited by Louis Ho Tan Tai ( worked for 30 Years with Unilever France)

465 pages. Softcover.  Published by American Oil Chemist Society (AOCS)

The introduction to the work outlines a number of generalities one must be familiar with in order to understand the world of detergents and its evolution. These include the history, the world markets, details of the stages in the development of a product, and consumer habit surveys.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Main Surfactants Used in Detergents and Personal Care Products and Theories of Detergency

Chapter 2 The Main Ingredients Used in Detergents and the Mechanisms by Which They Act

Chapter 3 Detergent Powders, Bars, Pastes, and Tablets

Chapter 4 Liquid Detergents

Chapter 5 Fabric Softeners

Chapter 6 Hand and Machine Dishwashing Products

Chapter 7 Other Hard Surfaces: All Purpose Cleaners, Scourers, Bathroom Cleaners, and Window Cleaners
Chapter 8 Skin Care Products

Chapter 9 Hair Care Products

Chapter 10 Oral Care Products: Toothpastes

Chapter 11 Product Performance Evaluation

Chapter 12 Manufacturing Process

Chapter 13 Perfume in Detergent and Personal Care Products

Chapter 14 Packaging

Chapter 15 Storage Tests

Chapter 16 Analytical Methods

Chapter 17 Consumer Testing

Chapter 18 Quality Assurance

Chapter 19 Toxicology and Ecotoxicology

Chapter 20 Latest Trends



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