Flavourings: Production, Composition, Applications, Regulations, 2nd Edition By Herta Ziegler

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Flavourings: Production, Composition, Applications, Regulations, 2nd Edition

Herta Ziegler (Editor)
852 pages
January 2007


The demand for flavourings has been constantly increasing over the last years as a result of the dramatic changes caused by a more and more industrialised life-style: The consumer is drawn to interesting, healthy, pleasurable, exciting or completely new taste experiences.
This book draws on the expert knowledge of nearly 40 contributors with backgrounds in both industry and academia and provides a comprehensive insight into the production, processing and application of various food flavourings. Methods of quality control and quality management are discussed in detail. The authors also focus on conventional and innovative analytical methods employed in this field and, last but not least, on toxicological, legal, and ethical aspects. Up-to-date references to pertinent literature and an in-depth subject index complete the book.

Table of Contents

Dynamics in the Business with Taste
Physical Processes
Biotechnological Processes
Flavouring Ingredients
Non flavouring Ingredients
Fruit Flavours
Other Blended Flavourings
Flavourings for Beverages
Flavourings for Confectioneries, Baked Goods, Ice-cream and Dairy Products
Flavouring of Bouillons, Soups and Sauces
Sensory Analysis in Quality Control
Analytical Methods
Microbiological Testing
Introduction and Definitions
Toxicological Considerations
FAO/WHO and Council of Europe
European Union
South Africa and Australia
Religious Dietary Rules

Author Information

Born near Munich in 1961, Dr. Herta Ziegler studied chemistry at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, focusing on analytical chemistry. She soon discovered her profound interest for the organic analysis of complex natural matrices, which were also the subjects of her master and doctoral theses with Prof. Gerhard Spiteller. Her position as head of corporate research at Erich Ziegler GmbH since 1992 allowed her to combine her penchant for citrus oils with her professional activities
In the 1980s, Erich Ziegler laid the foundation for 'Flavourings' with his book 'Die natürlichen und künstlichen Aromen' 'Natural and Artificial Aromas'). He contributed this expertise to the first edition, when in continuation of the family tradition, 'Flavourings', addressed an international audience under the auspices of Herta Ziegler in 1998. With the present second edition, dedicated to Erich Ziegler on the occasion of his 80th birthday, she presents an updated version of her comprehensive overview of the flavour & fragrance industry.


From Reviews of the Previous Edition:

"This edition is a must for all who are employed in the field of flavourings both in industry and academia." Advances in Food Science

"The books draws on the expert knowledge of well-known contributors with backgrounds both in industry and academia. It intends to grant its readership a deep and broad insight into the production, processing and application of various food flavourings and also focuses on the basic and modern analytical methods used in this field. This book is useful for scientists working in both applied research and industrial R & D. It is therefore intended for a broad readership of technologists, analysts, microbiologists and food chemists active in the field of food flavouring. It is also suitable for teachers and students, both undergraduate and graduate, in departments of food science, food technology, food engineering, food chemistry, microbiology, and, of course, biotechnology." Lw

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