Flavors for Nutraceutical and Functional Foods 1st Edition M. Selvamuthukumaran, Yashwant Pathak

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CRC Press 
Published July 31, 2018 
Reference - 330 Pages - 49 B/W Illustrations 



Flavors are an integral part of nutraceutical formulations. Flavors offer significant advantage to Nutraceuticals when it comes to palatability and get an edge over other products in an extremely competitive nutraceutical market. Flavors for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods addresses different natural ingredients/botanicals used in various functional foods and nutraceutical products. The techniques of incorporating flavors in Nutraceutical products can be classified as conventional and using recently developed modern techniques such as nanotechnology are also covered in different chapters. These techniques are mainly used for masking the taste of nutraceutical and functional food products.

The book discusses the basics of flavors and the significance of the flavor industry in relation to Nutraceuticals. This book covers various processes involved in incorporating flavor and improving product acceptability. It provides an overview on the potential applications of the main terpene based flavors as part of nutraceuticals formulations. This book will serve as a reference to academicians and industry people who are involved in Nutraceutical formulations and marketing.


Table of Contents



Series Preface. ix

Preface. xi

Editors . xv

Contributors . xvii


1 Introduction to Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals . 1

M. Selvamuthukumaran and Yashwant V. Pathak


2 Flavoring of Pediatric Nutritional Supplements and Pediatric Compliance: A Perspective . 33

Amit M. Pant, Rupesh V. Chikhale, and Pramod B. Khedekar


3 Flavors in Probiotics and Prebiotics . 51
Deepak Yadav, Kummaripalli Srikanth, and Kiran Yadav


4 Natural Ingredients/Botanical Extracts for the Nutraceutical Industry. 75

Rahul Maheshwari, Kaushik N. Kuche,

Ashika Advankar, Namrata soni, Nidhi Raval,

Piyoosh A. Sharma, Muktika Tekade, and

Rakesh Kumar Tekade


5 Taste-Masking Techniques in Nutraceutical and Functional Food Industry. 123

Shankar D. Katekhaye, Bhagyashree Kamble,

Ashika Advankar, Neelam Athwale,

Abhishek Kulkarni, and Ashwini Ghagare


6 The Effect of Bitter Components on Sensory Perception of Food and Technology Improvement for Consumer Acceptance. 145

Geeta M. Patel and Yashawant Pathak


7 Sensory Qualities and Nutraceutical Applications of Flavors of Terpenoid Origin. 167

Ana Clara Aprotosoaie, Irina-Iuliana Costache,

and Anca Miron


8 The Biopsychology of Flavor Perception and Its Application to Nutraceuticals. 201

Richard J. Stevenson


9 Flavor Nanotechnology: Recent Trends and Applications. 217

Komal Parmar, Jayvadan Patel, and Navin Sheth


10 Nanoencapsulation of Flavors: Advantages and Challenges . 235

Farhath Khanum, Syeda Juveriya Fathima,

N. Ilaiyaraja, T. Anand, Patil M.M,

Dongzagin Singsit, and Gopal Kumar Sharma


11 Nanoencapsulated Nutraceuticals: Pros and Cons. 273

T. Anand, N. Ilaiyaraja, Mahantesh M. Patil,

Farhath Khanum, and Rakesh Kumar Sharma


Index. 311


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