Flavor Development: Composition to Innovation Complied by P & F

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Flavor Development:

Composition to Innovation                          

Formulators' Resource Series

 Softcover  411 Pages  Published 2010 

A new world of flavor creation has been emerging for years. As foods become more complex, so does flavor formulation. Elevating flavor design, production and quality to the highest standards requires a blend of science, art and innovation.

Flavor Development: Composition to Innovation is a compilation of selected articles written by world-renowned experts from Perfumer & Flavorist magazine. In 33 information-packed chapters, various experts discuss aspects of flavor creation, including topics such as:

  • Origins/composition
  • Creation/formulation
  • Natural/organic
  • Marketing
  • Future innovations
  • Composing savory flavors
  • Spray drying
  • The future of snack foods
  • Top seven dairy materials



Chapter 1. Chemical and Biochemical Changes Occurring During the Traditional Madagascan Vanilla Curing Process

Chapter 2. Inside Vanilla

Chapter 3. Chemistry and Biochemistry of Vanilla Flavor

Chapter 4. Novel Taste-Active Component of Fermented Vanilla Beans

Chapter 5. Aroma Chemical Profile: Menthol

Chapter 6. Perfume and Flavor Synthetics

Chapter 7. New Developments in Physiological Cooling Age

Chapter 8. Flavor Encapsulation Technologies: An Overview Including Recent Developments

Chapter 9. Reaction Systems

Chapter 10. High Impact Aroma Chemicals Part 2: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Chapter 11. Less is More (Tasty)

Chapter 12. Composing Savory Flavors

Chapter 13. The Physics and Chemistry of Vanillin

Chapter 14. My Top Seven Dairy Materials

Chapter 15. Real Time Volatile Flavor Release Monitoring its Flavor/ Food Application Using Proton Transfer Reaction MS

Chapter 16. The Loss of Volatile Esters from Cookies

Chapter 17. Spray Drying

Chapter 18. Comparison Among Assorted Drying Processes for the Encapsulation of Flavors

Chapter 19. Physiological Coolants



Chapter 20. Aroma Compounds of Mango and Papaya from Cameroon

Chapter 21. Focused Flavor Creation

Chapter 22. Synthesis and Authentication of Natural Vanillins Prepared by Fermentation Chapter 23. Processing for Natural Flavors: Cucumber

Chapter 24. Novel Oxidation Reactions

Chapter 25. Reaction Flavors: The Next Generation

Chapter 26. Evaluation Encapsulation Economics

Chapter 27. US Hispanic Flavor Preference

Chapter 28. Flavor Creation: 9 Lessons in How to Win

Chapter 29. The da Vinci Approach


Chapter 30. Conversion of Some Unsaturated Cyclic Ethers to Lactones Catalyzed by Lipase B from Candida Antarctica

Chapter 31. The Future of Snack Flavors

Chapter 32. Technology and Innovation

Chapter 33. Flavors of the Future ,


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