COSMETICS : Formulation, Manufacturing & Quality Control 6th ed 2021 by P P Sharma

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Year of Publication : 2021

Edition : 6th ed.

The latest 6th ed. covers comprehensively on Formulation, Manufacturing and Quality control of Cosmetics.


  • Cosmetics Rules 2020 added
  • Several New formulations including those with new ingredients added
  • In the chapter of most recent topic - in vitro testing of cosmetics in lieu of animal testing advances made included
  • Several plants and naturally occurring substances added in herbal cosmetic chapter
  • Brief discussion on aroma chemicals groups included.

Book is divided into 11 Parts :

  1. General
  2. Cosmetics for the Skin
  3. Cosmetics for the Hair
  4. Cosmetics for the Eyes
  5. Cosmetics for the Nails
  6. Cosmetics for the Teeth
  7. Cosmetics for Vulnerables
  8. Miscellaneous Cosmetics 
  9. Essences, Perfumes and Fragrances
  10. Toilet soaps
  11. Quality Control of Cosmetics

Appendices :

List of some Machinery Manufacturers in India

Index of trade names of cosmetics raw materials of indigenous manufacturers or of foreign manufacturers being marketed in India

Index of trade names of cosmetic raw materials of foreign manufacturers 

Index of New Cosmetic Raw Materials of Foreign Origin

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