Cosmetic Microbiology A Practical Approach Second Edition

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Cosmetic Microbiology
A Practical Approach
Second Edition
edited by Phil Geis

Cosmetic Microbiology provides microbiologists, as well as process engineers and plant managers, an authoritative resource in an industry where secrets are rarely shared


  • Includes expanded discussions of preservation and preservative and product testing
  • Introduces a novel approach for the monitoring of manufacturing hygiene
  • Introduces a global perspective on regulation, including a review of current safety concerns
  • Provides background on the history of cosmetic microbiology
  • Offers in-depth discussion across a wide selection of essential issues and emerging concerns, supported by references for further study and research
  • Contents

    Basic microbiology


    • History of cosmetic microbiology
    • Biology of microbes

    Sanitary practices in cosmetic manufacturing


    • Microbial environment of manufacturing plant
    • Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) protocols in cosmetic microbiology

    Cosmetic microbiology test results


    • Antimicrobial preservative efficacy and microbial content testing
    • Six Validation of methods

    Preservation of cosmetics


    • Preservation strategies; Philip A. Geis163
    • Antimicrobial mechanisms of selected preservatives and bacterial responses

    Global regulatory and toxicologic aspects of cosmetic preservation


    • Consumer safety considerations of cosmetic preservation
    • Global regulation of preservatives and cosmetic preservatives



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