Conditioning Agents for Hair and Skin by Randy Schueller, Perry Romanowski - Special Indian Reprint

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Conditioning Agents for Hair and Skin
by Randy Schueller, Perry Romanowski

February 2, 1999 by CRC Press , Special Indian Reprint 2016
Reference - 398 Pages


Discussing the history, benefits, formulations and future developments of hair and skin conditioning products, this work offers an overview of the subject and unique analysis of the elements of conditioning. It offers the novice chemist a solid foundation of technical knowledge and the seasoned scientist the latest state-of-the-art ingredients and testing procedures used in evaluation.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Conditioning Agents for Hair and Skin, Randy Schueller and Perry Romanowski

Biology of the Hair and Skin, Zoe Diana Draelos

The Role of Biological Lipids in Skin Conditioning, Peter M. Elias

Petrolatum: Conditioning Through Occlusion, David S. Morrison

Humectants in Personal Care Formulation: A Practical Guide, Bruce W. Gesslein

Emollient Esters and Oils, John Carson and Kevin Gallagher

Proteins for Conditioning Hair and Skin, Gary A. Neudahl

Organo-Modified Siloxane Polymers for Conditioning Skin and Hair, Eric S. Abrutyn

Specialty Silicone Conditioning Agents, Anthony J. O'Lenick, Jr. Cationic

Surfactants and Quaternary Derivatives for Hair and Skin Care, Matthew F. Jurcyzk, David T. Floyd, and Burghard H. Gruning

Polymers as Conditioning Agents for Hair and Skin, Bernard Idson

Formulating Conditioning Products for Hair and Skin, Mort Westman

Evaluating Effects of Conditioning Formulations on Hair, Janusz Jachowicz

Evaluating Performance Benefits of Conditioning Formulations on Human Skin, Ronald L. Rizer, Monya L. Sigler, and David L. Miller "


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