Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry 3rd Edition By Randy Schueller and Perry Romanowski

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Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry 3rd Edition
Authors: Randy Schueller and Perry Romanowski
Format Details
  • Hardcover
  • 600 Pages
  • Published 2009

Still the best source of practical information for the beginning cosmetic chemist.




During the past ten years, thousands of new chemical raw materials and formulations have been developed, countless new marketing concepts have been tested and hundreds, if not thousands, of new cosmetic regulations have been enacted.
With the third edition of this best-selling chemistry textbook, the authors substantially update all the original material and include 21 additional chapters of brand new material to cover recent developments in the field of cosmetic science. Authors Randy Schueller and Perry Romanowski re-emphasize the importance of providing introductory technical information to those who would like to improve their understanding of cosmetic science.
The four major sections of this book cover all important aspects of the cosmetic industry, including:
  • Orientation, Tools and Terms
  • Product Development
  • Cosmetic Ingredients and Vehicles
  • Product Testing
  • Introduction
  • Section I: Welcome to the Industry: Terms, Tools and Tips
    • Your Career in Cosmetic Science
    • Your Primer of Technical Terms and Chemical Jargon
    • Cosmetic Ingredient Nomenclature
    • INCI Names: International Harmonization
    • Material Safety Data Sheets
    • Building Effective Supplier Relationships
  • Section II: Basic Cosmetic Science: Biology of hair and skin; Chemistry of Raw Materials
    • Inside the Hair: An Advanced Hair Biology Model
    • New Directions for Sensitive Skin Research
    • Axillary Odor: Its Physiology, Microbiology and Chemistry
    • Conditioning Agents for Hair and Skin
    • Surfactant Science
    • Oils of Nature
    • Understanding Emulsions
    • Silicone Chemistry
    • Creating Colorful Cosmetics
    • Pigments: Achieving the Effect
    • The Science of Reactive Hair Care Products
    • The Essence of Fragrance
    • Common Scents
    • Microorganisms and Personal Care Products
  • Section III: Product Development: From Beaker to Bottle
    • Lab Notebooks: The "Write" Stuff
    • Laboratory Notebooks: Valuable Indicators of Intellectual Property
    • Laboratory Batching of Cosmetic Products
    • Successful Product Development
    • Formulating Cosmetic Emulsions: A Beginner's Guide
    • The Aging of Polymer-Stabilized Creams: A Rheological Viewpoint
    • Gels and sticks
    • Aerosols for Apprentices
    • Encapsulation Technologies: Tailored Solutions for Delivery
    • What Every Formulator Needs to Know about Fragrance
    • Fragrance in Emulsion and Surfactant Systems
    • Fundamentals of Formulating Hair Care Products
    • Introduction to Shampoo Thickening
    • Innovations in Hair Styling Technology
    • Understanding "Mild" Cosmetic Products
    • Formulating for Efficacy
    • Formulating for Sensitive Skin
    • The ABCs of SPF
    • Self-Tanners: Formulating with Dihydroxyacetone
    • The Dry Facts About Wet Perspiration
    • Improving the Appearance of Facial Pores
    • A Light-Diffusing Concept for Antiaging Effects in Makeup Formulations
    • Cosmetic Product Packaging
    • Emerging Technologies and the Future of Cosmetic Science
  • Section IV: Does It Work: Product Testing, Regulatory Compliance and Claims Support
    • Evaluating Raw Materials and Finished Products
    • Preservative Efficacy Testing: Accelerating the Process
    • The Century of Progressive Regulation
    • Mind Over Matter: Cosmetic Claim Substantiation Issues Facing the Future
    • The Regulatory Interface: When is it a Cosmetic and When a Drug?
    • Correlating Porosity and Tensile Strength of Chemically Modified Hair
    • In Vivo Quantitative Evaluation of Gloss
    • Evaluating Shampoo Foam
    • What You Should Know About Testing on Human Hair
    • Evaluating Shine on Hair
  • Index

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