July 12, 2014

A unique Insight into Co relation between Chemistry and Sense of Smell by Dr. Charles Sell

This is a Unique Book written by a well known Perfumer-Chemist and an author of Many Books on Fragrance Chemistry. It has been just Published by John Wiley & sons, USA and within a short span of time it is well Received by veterans of Perfumery industry and Students alike.


See here what this Wonderful Book has to offer :



Chemistry and the Sense of Smell

By Dr. Charles S. Sell (Givaudan)


Fragrance materials are universal, from personal care products to household cleaners, laundry products, and more. Although many of the scents themselves are synthesized in a lab, the actual mechanism of odour has long baffled chemists who attempt to model it for research. In Chemistry and the Sense of Smell, industry chemist Charles S. Sell explores the chemistry and biology surrounding the human detection and processing of odour, providing a comprehensive, single-volume guide to the totality of fragrance chemistry.

The correlation between molecular structure and odour is much more complex than initially thought, and the intricacies of the mechanism by which the brain interprets scent signals leaves much to be discovered. This book provides a solid foundation of fragrance chemistry and highlights the relationship between research and industry with topics such as:

  • The analysis and characterization of odour
  • The role scent plays in our lives
  • The design and manufacture of new fragrance ingredients
  • The relationship between molecular structure and odour
  • The mechanism of olfaction
  • Intellectual challenges and the future of the field

Complete with illustrations that clarify difficult concepts and the structures of the molecules under discussion, Chemistry and the Sense of Smell is an all-inclusive guide to the science of scent. For professionals in the fragrance industry or related fields, this book is one resource that should not be overlooked




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Chetan Dattani

Mumbai, IN

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