Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia, 10th Edition, 3 Volume Set

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Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia, 10th Edition, 3 Volume Set

Glenn D. Considine (Editor-in-Chief)
6236 pages
February 2008
The new, three-volume Tenth Edition contains articles contributed by industry experts and scholars worldwide. It comprises more than 10,000 entries and features hundreds of completely rewritten and re-referenced articles, as well as 2,500 completely new entries covering emerging technologies affecting genetics, global warming, communications, informatics, nanotechnology, and more. Internet references and print references have been updated and expanded to reflect the editors' conviction that modern students and researchers move from link to link as well as from page to page.
"This tool will likely find a home in most collections that deal with general science inquiries." (American Reference Books Annual, March 2009)

"A good buy, this title effectively represents science in a condensed form that may be more affordable for many libraries than McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. Recommended." (CHOICE, October 2008)

"The idea reference collection would include this new edition of VSNE…highly recommended for public school, and academic libraries." (Library Journal, August 15, 2008)

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