Understanding Fragrance Chemistry By Charles Sell

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Author: Charles Sell, PhD (Givaudan)


Improve your understanding of perfume and its interactions with the wide variety of products in which it is used.



  • Hardcover
  • 417 Pages
  • Published 2008


    Perfume molecules are compounds of carbon and hence come under the general heading of organic chemistry. Our bodies are also composed of organic chemicals and so are most of the components of consumer goods such as soaps and detergents. Understanding Fragrance Chemistry therefore concentrates on those aspects of organic chemistry, which are of particular importance to the fragrance industry. It is intended for those who have little or no previous training in chemistry and who would like to know enough in order to improve their understanding of perfume and its interactions with the wide variety of products in which it is used. Topics include:

    • The structure of matter
    • Organic molecules
    • Chemical reactivity
    • Acid/base reactions
    • Oxidation and reduction reactions
    • Perfume structure
    • Chemistry in consumer goods
    • The biological way we detect odors
    • How nature makes fragrant molecules

    Each chapter has review questions which allow readers to check their understanding of the content, and glossaries are provided where appropriate. A chapter on chemical information and a bibliography will help those who want to read more on any of the subjects covered.




      • Forward
      • Introduction
      • Chapter 1: The Structure of Matter
      • Chapter 2: Carbon 1-Hydrocarbons
      • Chapter 3: Carbon 2-Heteroatoms
      • Chapter 4: States of Matter
      • Chapter 5 : Seperation and Purification
      • Chapter 6: Analysis
      • Chapter 7: Chemical Reactivity
      • Chapter 8: Chemistry and Perfume 1: Acid/Base Reactions
      • Chapter 9: Chemistry and Perfume 1: Oxidation and Reduction Reactions
      • Chapter 10: Perfume Structure
      • Chapter 11: Chemistry in Consumer Goods
      • Chapter 12: Chemistry of Living Organisms
      • Chapter 13: The Mechanism of Olfaction
      • Chapter 14: Natural Fragrance Ingredients
      • Chapter 15: Synthetic Fragrance Ingredients
      • Chapter 16: Chemical Information
      • Answers
      • Glossary
      • Index



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