Ullmann's Industrial Toxicology, 2 Volumes

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Ullmann's Industrial Toxicology, 2 Volumes

Wiley-VCH (Editor)
1191 pages
September 2005
The one-stop resource for health protection professionals, environmental scientists and safety engineers.

Since the entire 40-volume Ullmann's Encyclopedia is inaccessible to many readers - particularly individuals, smaller companies or institutes - all the information on industrial toxicology, ecotoxicology, process safety as well as occupational health and safety has been condensed into this convenient 2-volume set.

Based on the latest online edition of Ullmann's containing articles never been before in print, this ready reference provides practical information on applying the science of toxicology in both the occupational and environmental setting, and explains the fundamentals necessary for an understanding of the effects of chemical hazards on humans and ecosystems. The detailed and meticulously edited articles have been written by renowned experts from industry and academia, and much of the information has been thoroughly revised. Alongside explanations of safety regulations and legal aspects, this set covers food additives, toxic agents as well as medical and therapeutical issues. Top-quality illustrations, clear diagrams and charts combined with an extensive use of tables enhance the presentation and provide a unique level of detail. Deeper insights into any given area of interest is offered by referenced contributions, while rapid access to a particular subject is enhanced by both a keyword and author index.
Volume 1:
Ecology and Ecotoxicology
Occupational Health and Safety
Plant and Process Safety
Transport, Handling, Storage
Chemical Products: Safety Regulations
Legal Aspects

Volume 2:
Carciogenic Agents
Mutagenic Agents
Food Additives
Nucleic Acids
Amino Acids
Cancer Chemotherapy
Immunotherapy and Vaccines
Pharmaceuticals, Introduction

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