The Wealth of India : An Encyclopedia of India's Raw Material Resources 23 Volumes Set

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The Wealth of India :  An Encyclopedia of India's Raw Material Resources 23 Volumes Set

Published by NISCAIR, CSIR



About Wealth of India

The Wealth of India, an encyclopaedic series on India's raw material resources of plants, animals and minerals, details their occurrence, distribution, description, composition, utilization and trade. The series, known for its authenticity, is the quintessence of information scattered in a wide range of information sources. Each resource profile is a monographic presentation beginning with the correct nomenclature, the known names in vernacular, gives a brief description, chief areas of distribution in India, broad parameters of cultivation in case of plants, pathological problems in case of plants and animals, chemical constituents, products, utilization, production, consumption ( in case of minerals), and trade data.


A ready reckoner for researchers, entrepreneurs, plant-based industrialists and policy makers, it is acclaimed as a reference standard for information on raw materials of India particularly in the current global trend to incorporate traditional knowledge systems into the proprietary mainstream. Policy-planners use the information to prevent bio-piracy. It has in the recent past played a major role in India's claim for priority in the US patent case on turmeric.  



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