The Herbs of Ayurveda , 4 Volumes set. By Ashok Seth

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Compiled By Ashok Seth, (Partner, Sheth Brothers (Kayam Churna)


600 Major Herbs In Ayurveda covered , Fully Illustrated with Colorful Photos.


The Herbs of Ayurveda is published in four Volumes , in which 600 Medicinal Herbs have been described with Fully Colourful Photographs. Each Volumes consists of 150 medicinal Herbs which are arranged alphabetically by Latin (Botanical) names.


Books starts with Particulars on what is Ayurveda ? History of Ayurveda, History of Herbs and Pharmacognosy.


Each Volume is divided into three sections.


In Section I :  High Quality Photographs of Plant Parts with mother tinctures, oils, gums, latex , etc., are given, while on the right hand side detailed description of same herb is given. ie., English name, Latin Name and its synonyms (if any), followed by different language names (sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannad) for the same herb are given. Other details like Family, distribution, description of plant, chemical constituents , Parts used , medicinal Properties, usages, dose, formulation and special note in which peculiarity or controversy if any is discussed.


In Section II : Resources, includes addresses of educational institutes, research institutions, herberia and Medicinal Gardens, websites related to medicinal plants, parameters on some medicinal herbs about qualitative and quantitative data  with guidelines for tests are given according to Indian herbal pharmacopeia , glossary of medicinal and botanical terms. References of books given at the end.



In Section III : Index, which includes index of Botanical names, index of English names, Index of Sanskrit names, Index of Hindi names,Index of Gujarati names with page numbers. In the end contents of each of the 4 volumes are given


This Voluminous Book on medicinal herbs will be useful to students of Ayurveda, Botany, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, unani and pharmacy.  It will be also useful to Drug Manufacturers, teachers, Lecturers, Physicians , researchers as well as common laymen.



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