The Chemistry of Essential Oils : An Introduction to Aromatherapists, Beauticians, retailers and students

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The Chemistry of Essential Oils book is written by David G. Williams. It consists of five separate chapters. The first edition of this book was published in the year 1996. The second edition was published in 2008.


An Introduction for Aromatherapists, Beauticians, Retailers and Students


Some Basic Chemistry and Hydrocarbons aim to pave the way to an understanding of the simple structures forming the backbones of the molecules of constituents of essential oils.
Functional Groups Containing Oxygen, Nitrogen and Sulphur, the main chemical types of constituents of essential oils are discussed.
Essential Oils and Carrier Oils, is concerned mainly with the geographical and botanical sources of essential oils, their preparation for the market, their properties, and their safety.
The Odour Properties of Essential Oils, and gives many profiles of wellknown essential oils, of essential oils, in terms of their "top" and "body" notes and "dryout".

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