Tea Bioactivity and Therapeutic Potential edited by Yong-su Zhen

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Bioactivity and Therapeutic Potential
edited by Yong-su Zhen

With contributors that are renowned experts from botanical, agricultural, chemical, biochemical, and medical circles, Tea: Bioactivity and Therapeutic Potential covers all relevant aspects including:

  • Botanical identification
  • Processing and major categories of tea
  • Physiological and pharmacological effects
  • Experimental therapeutic effects
  • Therapeutic applications of tea based on traditional Chinese medicine

    Tea: Bioactivity and Therapeutic Potential will be an invaluable reference source for physicians and all professionals in pharmaceutical, agricultural, and food research and development industries as well as anyone who is interested in the potential medical applications of tea.


    1. Tea and Health
    2. Botanical Classification of Tea Plants
    3. Green Tea, Black Tea and Semi-fermented Tea
    4. The Chemistry of Tea Non-volatiles
    5. The Chemistry of Tea Volatiles
    6. Biochemical and Cellular Bases for Tea Activity
    7. Physiological Effects of Caffeine and Related Purine Alkaloids
    8. The Effects of Tea on the Cardiovascular System
    9. Antimicrobial Activity of Tea Products
    10. Anticarciogenic Activity of Tea
    11. Antitumor Activity of Tea Products
    12. Therapeutic Uses of Tea in Traditional Chinese Medicine
    13. Agronomy and Commercial Production of Tea


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