Sweeteners: Nutritional Aspects, Applications, and Production Technology by Theodoros Varzakas, Athanasios Labropoulos, Stylianos Anestis

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May 14, 2012 by CRC Press
Reference - 476 Pages - 93 B/W Illustrations




  • Explores nutritional and health aspects of sweeteners in food and drinks
  • Examines risk assessment procedures for the evaluation of sweeteners
  • Discusses U.S., Japanese, and Indian regulations and other legislation worldwide
  • Analyzes environmental and health concerns of genetically modified sugar beet and high fructose corn syrup


Sweeteners: Nutritional Aspects, Applications, and Production Technology explores all essential aspects of sugar-based, natural non-sugar-based, and artificial sweeteners. The book begins with an overview presenting general effects, safety, and nutrition. Next, the contributors discuss sweeteners from a wide range of scientific and lifestyle perspectives.

Topics include:

    • The chemistry and functional properties of monosaccharides, oligosaccharides, polysaccharides, and sugar polyols
    • Analytical methodologies for determining low-calorie nonnutritive sweeteners
    • Honey, syrups, and their physicochemical aspects and applications
    • Sweeteners such as "sykin" and raisin, prune, apple, and grape juice concentrate
    • Quality control, production, handling, storage, safety, legislation, and risk assessment of sweeteners
    • The impact of sweeteners and sugar alternatives on nutrition and health
    • Environmental and health concerns from the use of genetically modified (GM) herbicide-tolerant sugar beets and GM high fructose corn syrup
    • Inulin and oligofructose as soluble dietary fibers derived from chicory root


As manufacturers strive to produce healthier and safer products with better taste, new avenues of inquiry are opening up with respect to both the sources and the processing of sweeteners. This volume provides a solid starting point for researchers and product developers in the food and beverage industry

Table of Contents

Sweeteners in General;
T. Varzakas, A. Labropoulos, and S. Anestis

Chemistry and Functional Properties of Carbohydrates and Sugars (Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, and Polysaccharides);
Constantina Tzia, V. Giannou, D. Lebesi, and C. Chranioti

Sugar Alcohols (Polyols);
G. A. Evrendilek

Low Calorie Nonnutritive Sweeteners;
G.-P. Nikoleli and D. P. Nikolelis

A. Labropoulos and S. Anestis

A. Labropoulos and S. Anestis

Other Sweeteners;
T. Varzakas and A. Labropoulos

Application of Sweeteners in Food and Drinks (Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy Products, Puddings, Fruit Products, Vegetables, Beverages, Sports Drinks, Hard Candies,
Loukoumia, Marmalades, Jams, Jellies, Baked Goods, Sorbet); T. Varzakas and B. Özer

Quality Control of Sweeteners: Production, Handling, and Storage;
T. Varzakas

EU, U.S., and Third World Country Regulations and Japanese Legislation;
T. Varzakas
Nutritional and Health Aspects of Sweeteners; T. Varzakas and C. Chryssanthopoulos
Genetically Modified Herbicide-Tolerant Crops and Sugar Beet—Environmental and Health Concerns; T. Varzakas and V. Pletsa
Bulking and Fat-Replacing Agents; T. Vasiljevic and T. Varzakas
Risk Assessment of Sweeteners Used as Food Additives; A. Mortensen and J. C. Larsen



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