Supercritical Fluid Technology for Drug Product Development By Peter York, Uday B. Kompella, Boris Y. Shekunov

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Supercritical Fluid Technology for Drug Product Development



Outlining means of establishing scalable SCF processes in compliance with good manufacturing practices, Supercritical Fluid Technology for Drug Product Development

  • clarifies molecular-level design of CO2-soluble surfactants, cosolvents, and covalent modification
  • explicates colloid and interfacial phenomena in CO2-based drug delivery systems
  • describes phase behavior and drug solubility in solid-liquid-SCF systems
  • details the control of crystallinity, solid solution, hydration, and polymorphism, stressing vigorous solid-state characterization needed in pharmaceutical production
  • examines powder production for respiratory drug delivery applications, providing information on characterization and optimization of respiratory particles
  • investigates polymer-SCF interactions and applications in monolithic drug delivery matrices, bioactive scaffolds, and other biomedical products
  • surveys the utility of SCF technologies in controlled drug release systems involving nano- and microparticles, films, foams, and residual organic solvent extraction
  • evaluates the formulation and processing of biological materials using SCFs, placing emphasis on chemical and physical stability
  • observes the benefits of SCFs in preparing chiral drugs, and the economic advantages of SCF chromatography in drug discovery
  • explores the many uses for SCF extraction, as well as the applicability of SCF processes in nutraceuticalsAudience


    Interconnecting the fundamentals of supercritical fluid (SCF) technologies, their current and anticipated utility in drug delivery, and process engineering advances from related methodological domains and pharmaceutical applications, this volume unlocks the potential of supercritical fluids to further the development of improved pharmaceutical products-from drug powders for respiratory delivery to drug delivery systems for controlled release.



    Table of Contents

    Chemistry and Materials Design for Pharmaceutical Applications. Phase Equilibrium in Solid-Liquid-Supercritical Fluid Systems. Mechanisms of Particle Formation Using Supercritical Fluids. Methods of Particle Production. Colloid and Interface Science for CO2-based Pharmaceutical Processes. Production of Powders for Respiratory Drug Delivery. Control of Physical Form of Drug Substances. Supercritical Fluid Impregnation of Polymers for Drug Delivery. Formulation of Controlled Drug Release Systems. Processing of Biological Materials. Asymmetric Catalysis in Supercritical Fluids. Analytical and Semi-Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography in Drug Discovery. Drug Extraction Development and Potential of Critical Fluid Technology in the Neutraceutical Industry. Scale-Up Issues for Supercritical Fluid Processing in Compliance with GMP

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