Spices, Herbs and Edible Fungi By George Charalambous

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Charalambous George



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This volume is a collection of papers covering various aspects of an important group of botanicals which have long been used to improve the flavor of food. It contains fresh material prepared especially for it by researchers and other technically trained workers from universities, government and industrial research groups and industry worldwide.

It will be of great value to food scientists, medical researchers, analytical and synthetic organic chemists, chefs, and all those involved with, and interested in, food and food flavours in general.

Table of Contents

Spices - recent advances (D.A. Moyler).

Spices and their extracts: Utilization, selection, quality control and new developments (J.P. Marion et al.).

Analysis of natural flavourings: Problems and actual methods (F. Tateo et al.).

Food ingredient safety evaluation (R.S. McCaleb).

Carbon dioxide extraction of essential oils (D.A. Moyler et al.).

Extraction and fractionation of essential oils with liquid carbon dioxide (M.A. de A. Meireles, Z.L. Nikolov).

Potential synergies among phytochemical constituents of spices (J.A. Duke, S. Beckstrom-Sternberg).

Biologically active compounds in important spices (J.A. Duke).

Antioxidant and antimicrobial constituents of herbs and spices (N. Nakatani).

Antioxidant activity of essential oils from the plants of the Lamiaceae family (M. Tsimidou, D. Boskou).

Herbs and spices indigenous to Turkey (W. Wetherilt, M. Pala).

Garlic: A matter for the heart (M.K. Jain, R. Apitz-Castro).

Studies of plants in the Umbelliferae family: II. GC/MS analysis of celery seed essential oils (G. Vernin, C. Párkányi).

Chiles: History, cultivation, and uses (P.W. Bosland).

HPLC-CLND application to quantitate nitrogen containing capsaicin compounds in red hot peppers (E.M. Fujinari).

Paprika chemistry and its relationship to spice quality (C. Wilkins).

GC/MS analysis of cinnamon and cassia essential oils: A comparative study (G. Vernin et al.).

Egyptian basil (N.A. Shaath, N.R. Azzo).

Oregano: Botany, chemistry, and cultivation (A.O. Tucker, M.J. Maciarello).

Studies of plants in the Umbellifereae family. GC/MS analysis of parsley leaf essential oils from Hungary and France: Closely related diterpenes from Petroselium crispum (Mill.) Nym. (G. Vernin et al.).

Pharmacological properties and medicinal use of pepper (Piper nigrum L.) (R. I-San Lin).

GC/MS analysis of clove essential oils (G. Vernin et al.).

GC-MS-SPECMA bank analysis of Thymus serpylum praecox (Opiz) Wollm (wild thyme) from Hautes Alpes (France) (G. Vernin et al.).

Vanilla - cultivation, curing, chemistry, technology and commercial products (A.S. Ranadive). Ginger oil (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) (G. Vernin, C. Párkányi).

Filé and the essential oils of the leaves, twigs and commercial root teas of Sassafras albidum (Nutt.) Nees (Lauraceae) (A.O. Tucker et al.).

Mass spectra of some natural and synthetic flavor and fragrance compounds (A.O. Tucker, M.J. Maciarello).

Aroma and flavor components of cultivated mushrooms (J. Mau et al.).

Shiitake and other edible mushrooms cultivated in Japan: Production, biology and breeding (A. Tsuneda).

Truffles and truffle volatiles (M.J. Maciarello, A.O. Tucker).

Acceptable levels of flavoring ingredients (J.A. Duke, S.M. Beckstrom-Sternberg).

Subject index.

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