Spice Science and Technology edited by Kenji Hirasa

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This unique resource, the only book of its kind available on the subject, offers concise coverage of spices and herbs from basic science to the most recent developments in spice functions and applications

Defining spice and distinguishing between spices and herbs, Spice Science and Technology:

  • introduces a new patterning theory of extensive spice use in various types of food preparations
  • details the major quality specifications of spice importing and exporting nations
  • delineates the cooking components of spices
  • presents the factors that change spice function during cooking
  • discusses the physiological functions elicited by spices and spice aromas
  • examines the antibacterial and antifungal properties of spices
  • explains the antimicrobial function of specific spice chemicals
  • and more!

Generously illustrated and written by two international experts in the field, Spice Science and Technology is an invaluable resource.


  1. Spices and Herbs: Basic Concepts
  2. Spice Qualities and Specifications
  3. Cooking with Spices
  4. The Patterning Theory of Spice Use
  5. Physiological Effects of Spice Components
  6. Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Properties of Spices
  7. The Physiological Effects of Flavor/Aroma

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