Solubilization in Surfactant Aggregates By Sherril D. Christian, John F. Scamehorn

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Solubilization in Surfactant Aggregates covers topics ranging from fundamental studies of solubilization to practical technological applications of the phenomenon. It reviews the solubilization of organic materials into surfactant aggregates, including micelles, vesicles and admicelles. The book also details methods of measuring solubilization that utilize both classical and newer instrumental techniques. It is intended for physical, surface, colloid and surfactant chemists; chemical, environmental and civil engineers; and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines. 

Table of Contents :

Part 1 Overview:

  • Overview and history of the study of solubilization

Part 2 Solubilization in micelles:

  • Solubilization of gases
  • Thermodynamics of solubilization of polar additives in micellar solutions
  • Solubilization of uncharged molecules in ionic micellar solutions - toward an understanding at the molecular level
  • Solubilization in mixed micelles
  • Solubilization in amphiphilic copolymer solutions
  • Kinetics of solubilization in surfactant-based systems

Part 3 Solubilization in nonmicellar surfactant aggregates:

  • Adsolubilization
  • Solubilization in micelles and vesicles studied by fluorescence techniques, interplay between the microproperties of the aggregates and the locus and extent of solubilization
  • Solubilization of organic compounds by vesicles

Part 4 Methods of measuring solubilization:

  • Solubilization, as studied by nuclear spin relaxation and NMR-based self-diffusion techniques
  • The partitioning of neutral solutes between micelles and water as deduced from critical micelle concentration determinations
  • Vapor pressure studies of solubilization
  • Comparison of experimental methods for the determination of the partition coefficients of n-alcohols in SDS and DTAB micelles

Part 5 Applications of solubilization:

  • Solubilization and detergency
  • Solubilization in micellar separations

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