Sesame: The genus Sesamum by Dorothea Bedigian

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Sesame: The genus Sesamum





Table of Contents

Introduction: History of the Cultivation and Use of Sesame, D. Bedigian
Cultivated Sesame, and Wild Relatives in the Genus Sesamum L, D. Bedigian  
Chemical Studies on the Lignans and Other Minor Constituents of Sesame Seed Oil, A. Kamal-Eldin
Sesame Seed Coat: A Rich Source of Potential Mammalian Lignan Pprecursors, R. Grougnet, P. Magiatis, S. Mitakou, and A.-L. Skaltsounis
Antioxidant and Anti-Carcinogenic Potentials of Sesame Lignans, D.H.F. Mak, P.Y. Chiu, and K.M. Ko
Sesame Seed and Its Lignans: Metabolism and Bioactivities, S.M. Sacco and L.U. Thompson
Physiological Effects of Sesame: Bioactive and Antioxidant Compounds, F. Shahidi and Z. Tan
Sesame Seed Food Allergy, S.S. Teuber
Flavor Constituents of Sesame, F. Shahidi, T. Hughes, and Z. Tan
Seed Oil Bodies of Sesame and Their Surface Proteins, Oleosin, Caleosin, and Steroleosin, J.T.C. Tzen
Use of Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy for Nondestructive Analyses of Sesame, T. Sato, A.A. Maw, and M. Katsuta
Sesame’s Protective Role in Crop Nematode Control, G.A. Elbadri and A.M. Yassin
Molecular Biotechnology of Sesame, M.C. Suh and C.-H. Chung
Responses of Sesame to Plant Growth Regulators, Micronutrients and Salinity, M. Prakash
Seed Genetics in Relation to Yield in Sesame, S. Thirugnana Kumar
Sesame Diseases and Their Management, P. Narayanasamy
Sesame Cultivation and Use in China, Z. Yingzhong
Sesame Cultivation and Use in Ethiopia, A. Teklewold, T. Made, and T. Baye
Sesame Cultivation and Use in Iran, S.M. Mahdi Mortazavian and J.A. Kohpayegani
Sesame Cultivation and Use in Somalia, A.Y. Sidow
Sesame Cultivation and Use in Thailand, W. Wongyai
Sesame Cultivation and Use in Turkey, B. Uzun
Sesame Cultivation and Irrigation in the Kingdom of Urartu (Ararat), Armenian Highlands, and Its Aftermath: Major Agricultural Innovation, D. Bedigian  
Introduction and Early Use of Sesame in America:  Medicine, Cookery and Folkways, D. Bedigian  
Current Market Trends: Progress, Expansion, and Economic Importance of Sesame, D. Bedigian      
Current Regulatory Status of Sesame and Its Commercial Products, D. Bedigian  

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