Scientific Basis for Ayurvedic Therapies By Lakshmi C. Mishra

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Special Indian Reprint !

Scientific Basis for Ayurvedic Therapies




  • Covers specific disease diagnosis, etiology, pathology, management, prognosis, scientific basis for treatment
  • Reviews current scientific information major Ayurvedic therapies
  • Includes information previously only found in research and journals from India
  • Explores the scientific basis of Ayurvedic concepts of diseases, diagnosis, and treatments
  • Develops new interpretations of Ayurvedic concepts of therapies based on modern knowledge where possible
  • Supplies a critical evaluation of published clinical and biological studies on Ayurvedic therapies


    Arguably the oldest form of health care, Ayurveda is often referred to as the "Mother of All Healing." Although there has been considerable scientific research done in this area during the last 50 years, the results of that research have not been adequately disseminated. Meeting the need for an authoritative, evidence-based reference, Scientific Basis for Ayurvedic Therapies is the first book to analyze and synthesize current research supporting Ayurvedic medicine.

    This book reviews the latest scientific information, evaluates the research data, and presents it in an easy to use format. The editor has carefully selected topics based on the availability of scientific studies and the prevalence of a disease. With contributions from experts in their respective fields, topics include Ayurvedic disease management, panchkarma, Ayurvedic bhasmas, the current status of Ayurveda in India, clinical research design, and evaluation of typical clinical trials of certain diseases, to name just a few.

    While there are many books devoted to Ayurveda, very few have any in-depth basis in scientific studies. This book provides a critical evaluation of literature, clinical trials, and biochemical and pharmacological studies on major Ayurvedic therapies that demonstrates how they are supported by scientific data. Providing a natural bridge from Ayurveda to Western medicine, Scientific Basis for Ayurvedic Therapies facilitates the integration of these therapies by health care providers.


    Table of Contents

    Globalization of Ayurveda, K. Kurup
    Health Care and Disease Management in Ayurveda, L.C. Mishra
    Clinical design and Evaluation of Ayurvedic Therapies, B.B. Singh, S.R. Vinjamury, and V. Singh
    Panchkarma Therapy, A.K. Sharma
    Immunomodulation, A. Mugantiwar
    Basmas: Unique Ayurvedic Formulas, S. Raisuddin
    Diabetes, L. C. Mishra and T. Adra
    Thyroid Dysfunction, A. Kar and S. Panda
    Obesity, R.A. Vaidya, B.A. Joshi, and N. S. Nabar
    Arthritis, L. C. Mishra
    Sciatica, S. Singh
    Allergies, L.C. Mishra
    Bronchial Asthma, R. Lodha
    Liver Diseases and Liver Cancer, B. Premlatha and R. Govingrajan
    Antimutagenic Therapies, S. Kaur
    Cancer, M. Sahu and L. C. Mishra
    Indigestion, S. K. Mitra and P.R. Rangesh
    Constipation, S. K. Mitra
    Hyperacidity, S. K. Mitra
    Irritable Bowel, S. K. Mitra
    Diarrhea and Dysentery, S. K. Mitra
    Gastric and Duodenal Ülcers, K. Siaram
    Cognitive Disorders (Alzheimers Disease), D.Vohora
    Epilepsy, N. Kshirsagar, S. S. Delvi, N.J. Gotay, and H.A. Bhatt
    Psychiatric Disorders, R.H. Singh and L. C. Mishra
    Parkinson's Disease, L. C. Mishra and R. H. Singh
    Male Reproduction Disorders, M. A. Akbarsha and A. Subramonium
    Microbial Infections (Krami Roga), M. K. Rai
    Eye Diseases, A. Phadke
    Ischemic Heart Disease, K. Gautham and L.C. Mishra
    Urolithiasis, I. Sanjivarao
    Women's Diseases, V. Manjusha, N. Nagashaya, S. P. Vinjamury, and B.B. Singh

    List of Ayurvedic Words and Meaning in English 
    List of Ayurvedic Herbs and Botanical Names
    List of Manufacturers of Ayurvedic Products
    List of Journals


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