Sage: The Genus Salvia by Spiridon E. Kintzios

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Sage, the genus Salvia is one of the most famous and used herbs in the world. This volume, containing twenty chapters written by the leading experts in the field, presents a comprehensive coverage on all aspects of Salvia. Topics covered include the presentation of the (approximately 400) most known Salvia species; the distribution of the genus; its chemotaxonomy, ecophysiology, cultivation technology and breeding methods; information on the extraction, isolation, characterisation and structure of a large number of bioactive components the various pharmacological properties of the species; the share of Salvia products in the aromatherapy and natural cosmetics market; biotechnological techniques; and commercial aspects.

Table of Contents

Part 1.

Introduction 1. The Folklore and Cosmetic Use of Various Salvia Species Part 2. Botany 2. The Sage Plants in Greece: Distribution and Infraspecific Variation 3. Salvia in Southern Africa Part 3. Chemical Constituents 4. Terpenoids in the Genus Salvia 5. Essential Oils of Salvia spp: Examples of INtraspecific and Seasonal Variation 6. Salvianolic Acids and Related Compounds Part 4. Cultivation and Breeding 7. The Cultivation of Sage 8. Genetic Improvement of Cultivated Species of the Genus Salvia 9. The Ecophysiology of Salvia: Disorders and Adaptation 10. Legal Protection of Salvia Varieties Part 5. Pharmacology 11. The Biological/Pharmacological Activity of the Salvia Genus 13. The Antihypertensive Properties of Dan-Shen, the Root of Salvia miltiorrhiza 14. Why Sage May be a Wise Remedy: Effects of Salvia on the Nervous System Part 6. Biotechnology 15. The Biotechnology of Labiatae 16. In vitro Rosmarinic Acid Production 17. Salvia spp: Tissue Culture, Somatic Embryogenesis, Micropropagation and Biotransformation 18. Production of Secondary Metabolites using Liquid Culture of Salvia Plants: Up-to-Date Reports and Scale-up Potential Part 7. Commercial Aspects 19. Production of Salvia Oil in Mediterranean Countries Part 8. General Issues 20. Scientometric Analysis of Science and Technology Bibliographic Information Sources with Regard to Genus Salvia
This comprehensive volume on Salvia should be of interest to everyone involved in medicinal and aromatic plant applications and research.









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