Pueraria: The Genus Pueraria By Wing Ming Keung

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Pueraria: The Genus Pueraria




Table of Contents

Pueraria: Botanical Characteristics .

Ethnobotany of Pueraria Species.

Pueraria (Ge) in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Pueraria tuberosa DC: Contraceptive Efficacy and Toxicological Profile.

Chemical Constituents of Pueraria Plants: Identification and Methods of Analysis.

Chemical Components and Pharmacology of the Rejuvenating Plant Pueraria mirifica.

Biosynthesis and Natural Functions of Pueraria Isoflavonoids.

Pharmacological Effects of Pueraria Isoflavones on Cardiovascular System.

Preclinical Studies of Kudzu (Pueraria lobata) as a Treatment for Alcohol Abuse.

Human Studies of Kutzu as a Treatment for Alcohol Abuse.

Chemoprevention Effects of Isoflavones on Estrogen-dependent Diseases: Osteoporosis and Cancer of the Breast, Prostate and Endometrium.

Chemistry and Hepatoprotective Effect of Pueraria Saponins.

Mammalian Metabolism of Pueraria Isoflavonoids.

Synthesis of Naturally Occurring Isoflavones and Their Analogs.

Research and Development of Pueraria (Ge)-based Medicinal Products in China.

Kudzu, a Valuable Potential Commercial Resource: Food, Paper, Textiles and Chemicals.

Friend or Foe? Changing Cultural Definitions of Kudzu.

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