Poppy: The Genus Papaver edited by Jeno Bernáth

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The Genus Papaver

edited by Jeno Bernáth

Poppy: The Genus Papaver presents up-to-date information on Poppy and related species. The introduction emphasizes the importance of Poppy, giving a historical evaluation.

In the chapters describing the botany and taxonomy of the genus some novel aspects are discussed, e.g., special morphological, structural differentiation. The chapters concerning the physiology and cultivation of Poppy and alternative raw materials give a detailed presentation of this complex issue. Beyond the detailed analysis of ecological factors affecting the accumulation of opiates, both the basic methods of illicit and licit cultivation are discussed.

Poppy: The Genus Papaver provides an evaluation of the Australian Poppy production. Also discussed are the pharmalogical effectiveness and application of opiates, as well as the international control of their processing and trade, and the modern approach to compiling both the chemical and biotechnological information concerning poppy.

This comprehensive treatment of Poppy should be of interest to everyone involved in medicinal plant research.


  • Introduction
  • Biology of Poppy
    • Taxonomy
    • Morphological - Anatomical Aspects
    • Physiological - Ecological Aspects
    • Genetics an Breeding of Papaver somniferum
  • Chemistry - Biochemistry of Poppy
    • Chemical Structures of Alkaloids
    • Biosynthesis of Morphinane Alkaloids
  • Biotechnology of Poppy
    • In Vitro Biosynthesis of Poppy Alkaloids
    • In Vitro Culture Technologies
  • Raw Material Production
    • Cultivation of Poppy in the Temperate Zone
    • Cultivation of Poppy under Tropical Conditions
    • Poppy Cultivation in Australia
    • An Alternative Raw - The Cultivation and Breeding of Papaver bracteatum
  • Pharmacology of Poppy Alkaloids
  • Overview of World Tendencies on Cultivation, Processing and Trade of Raw and Opiates
  • Utilization of Poppy Seed
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