Natural Products: Isolation, Structure Elucidation, History by Dieter Sicker, Klaus-Peter Zeller, Hans-Ullrich Siehl, Stefan Berger, Colin Liddiard

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March 2019 

436 Pages


Written by experienced authors, this book presents numerous natural everyday products with a high range of structural diversity. Twenty natural products have been arranged in five sections, describing three alkaloids, five colored compounds, three carbohydrates and glycosides, seven terpenoids, and two aromatic compounds.

Adopting a highly didactical approach, each chapter features a uniform structure: Background, in-depth information about isolation processes and structural characterization as well as a Q&A section at the end. Alongside the theoretical information many practical hints for the laboratory work are also included. A comprehensive overview of UV-, IR- and NMR-spectroscopy as well as mass-spectrometry for every exemplified compound is provided and the understanding of these methods is supported by concluding questions and exercises.
Educating and entertaining, this full-color textbook turns the learning process into a real pleasure, not only for students in natural products chemistry but also experienced professionals.

Preface 3

Chapter 1. Alkaloids 9

1.1 Pseudopelletierine From the root-bark of the pomegranate tree 9

1.2 Colchicine From the seeds of the autumn crocus 29

1.3 Capsaicin From Kenyan "African Bird’s Eye Chilies" 49

Chapter 2. Coloured Compounds 69

2.1 Thymoquinone From the oil of the seeds of black caraway 69

2.2 Berberine Chloride From the bark of the common barberry 89

2.3 Carminic acid From dried cochineal 109

2.4 Safflomin A From flowers of the safflower 129

2.5 Chlorophyll a From deep frozen spinach leaves 151

Chapter 3. Carbohydrates and Glycosides 175

3.1 Raffinose From the seeds of blue lupins 175

3.2 Fraxin From the shredded bark of the ash tree 195

3.3 Stevioside From the dried leaves of Stevia rebaudiana 215

Chapter 4. Terpenoids 235

4.1 Linalool From Brazilian rosewood oil 235

4.2 Camphor From camphor tree oil 255

4.3 Cantharidin From Spanish fly Lytta vesicatoria 275

4.4 Artemisinin From the dried leaves of the annual mugwort 291

4.5 Diosgenin From an extract of the roots of Mexican yams 311

4.6 Friedelin From cork from the bark of the cork-oak 331

4.7 Boswellic acid From frankincense, the resin of the Arabian olibanum tree 353

Chapter 5. Aromatic Compounds 375

5.1 Sinensetin From cold-pressed orange oil 375

5.2 Rosmarinic acid From the dried leaves of lemon balm 391

Chapter 6. Quantum Chemical Calculation 411

Appendix 417

Spectroscopic Experiments 417

External Photographic Credits 418

Text Credits 419

Chemical Substance Index 421

General Subject Index 424

Name Index 432

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