Natural Flavours, Fragrances, and Perfumes: Chemistry, Production, and Sensory Approach

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Sreeraj Gopi (Editor), Nimisha Pulikkal Sukumaran (Editor), Joby Jacob (Editor), Sabu Thomas (Editor)

March 2023 256 Pages


Natural Flavours, Fragrances, and Perfumes

Explore this one-stop resource on every relevant aspect of natural flavors and fragrances

The use of sensory science has the potential to give scientists, researchers, and industry specialists a way to overcome the challenges in nutraceuticals and, more generally, in the functional food industry. Flavor and fragrance have the potential to significantly influence consumer satisfaction with products and its success in the marketplace. In order to effectively produce and optimize a customer’s experience in both food and household products, it is essential to have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry and physicochemical processes.

Natural Flavours, Fragrances and Perfumes offers a comprehensive look at the sensory sciences necessary to produce the most appealing olfactory responses derived from natural resources for consumers – from the analysis and biomolecular aspects of natural products to the processing and isolation of desired products, from the perceptual properties to regulatory aspects. Specifically, the book presents novel approaches to the processes involved in producing plant-derived functional products by examining how characteristic flavors arise due to complex interactions between hundreds of molecules, as well as studying the physiological variables that affect flavor perception.

Natural Flavours, Fragrances, and Perfumes readers will also find:

  • Insights into the identification and characterization of plant volatiles, as well as chromatography techniques for sensory fingerprints
  • Chapters devoted to biosynthesis and metabolic pathways for the development of household products composed of organic materials
  • Additional chapters on the advances in flavor science, on technological advances in the effective delivery of flavor, and challenges in the retention and release of flavor

Natural Flavours, Fragrances, and Perfumes is a useful reference for chemists of all kinds, food scientists, biotechnologists, and perfumers, as well as those studying in these fields.


Chapter 1 -
Natural Product diversity and its biomolecular aspects
Chapter 2 -
Sensory science and its perceptual properties
Chapter 3 -
Flavor technology and flavor delivery systems
Chapter 4 -
Identification and comprehensive characterization of plant volatiles
Chapter 5 -
Multidimensional chromatography techniques for sensory fingerprints
Chapter 6 -
Flavor signatures of beverages and confectionaries
Chapter 7 -
Molecular complexities in aroma chemistry and perfumes
Chapter 8 -
Recent advances in the processing of aromatic plants
Chapter 9 -
Biogenesis of plant derived aroma compounds
Chapter 10 -
A Sense of design: Pathway unravelling and rational metabolic-flow switching for the production of novel materials
Chapter 11 -
The Resinoids: Their chemistry and uses
Chapter 12 -
Seasonings, herbs and spices
Chapter 13 -
Flavor biochemistry of fermented alcoholic beverages
Chapter 14 -
Regulatory aspects for flavor and fragrance materials
Chapter 15 -
Challenges of sensory science: retention and release
Chapter 16 -
Virtual screening: an insilico approach to aroma compounds
Chapter 17 -
Endpoint: A sensory perception of the future


Sreeraj Gopi, PhD, Chemical Faculty, Gdansk University of Technology, Gdansk, Poland and Overseas Expert Professor - Shanghai University, China .

Nimisha Pulikkal Sukumaran is a Senior Development Scientist at Aurea Biolabs (P) LTD, Cochin India.

Joby Jacob, PhD, is a R&D Manager at Aurea Biolabs (P) LTD, Cochin India.

Sabu Thomas, PhD, serves as the Vice Chancellor of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, India. He is a Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering at the School of Chemical Sciences. He is also a Professor and the founding Director of International and Inter University Center for Nanosciecne and Nanotechnology at Mahatma Gandhi University.

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