Mint The Genus Mentha edited by Brian M. Lawrence

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The Genus Mentha
edited by Brian M. Lawrence

Mint: The Genus Mentha presents an in-depth look at the genus, providing information on its history, production, chemical constituents, market trends, and medicinal and nutritional uses.

Beginning with a review of the correct taxonomy and proper distillation and extraction methods, the text then expands on many detailed and complex aspects of the cultivation, processing, and quality assessment of the different types of mint.


  • Includes historical and current data on production statistics and quality control of mint oils
  • Describes the production of mint oil in China, a subject largely unknown to date
  • Details the process of mint distillation
  • Analyzes and discusses the adulteration of mint oils for commercial consistency, and how their genuineness can be determined
  • Summarizes the safety aspects of mint oil and two major isolates and the methodology of toxicological decisions



  1. Mentha: An Overview of its Classification and Relationships
  2. Anatomy, Physiology, Biosynthesis, Molecular Biology, Tissue Culture and Biotechnology of Mint Essential Oil Production
  3. Commercial Mint Species Grown in the United States
  4. The Cultivation of Mints in India
  5. Production of Mint in China
  6. The Distillation of Mint Oils
  7. The Composition of Commercially Important Mints
  8. Oil Composition of the Other Mentha Species and Hybrids
  9. World Production and Quality Control of Mint Oils and Their Commercially Important Isolates
  10. Natural and Synthetic Menthol
  11. The Genuineness of Mint Oils
  12. Biological and Toxicological Properties of Mint Oils and Their Major Isolates: Safety Assessment
  13. Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils and Constituents of Mentha Species
  14. Mentha: Economic Uses


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