Manual of Clinical Microbiology 11th Ed. James H. Jorgensen, Michael A. Pfaller

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Manual of Clinical Microbiology 11th Ed. - 2 Volumes Set  
James H. Jorgensen, Michael A. Pfaller


June 10, 2015 by ASM Press
Reference - 2892 Pages


The 11th edition of the Manual of Clinical Microbiology continues to set the standard for state-of-the-science laboratory practices as the most authoritative reference in the field of clinical microbiology. This new edition presents the numerous microbial taxonomic changes and newer more powerful diagnostic approaches that have been developed since publication of the 10th edition.  A collaborative team of editors and authors from around the world, all experienced practitioners, researchers, or public health experts, revised the Manual to include the latest applications of genomics and proteomics, producing an authoritative work of two volumes filled with current findings regarding infectious agents, leading-edge diagnostic methods, laboratory practices, and safety guidelines.

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