Kewda: Cultivation and Perfume Production

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Jagadev, P.N. & Sashikala Beura
Pages: 168 pages
Binding: Hardback
Available: 2021

Book Description :  Among the aromatic plants, Kewda (Pandanusfascicularis Lam.) occupied a distinct place due to its highly fragrant male spadices used for production of high valued Kewda perfumes like attar, water and oil (roohKewda), which earn a huge amount of foreign exchange for the country. The present book on ‘Kewda : cultivation and perfume production’ serves as a relevant document for use among the researchers, teachers, students, farmers, traders and perfumers including entrepreneurs interested in its cultivation and production of perfumes for marketing and trade practices. 

This book contains 15 chapters covering crop production, crop improvement, crop protection, flower production, economics of cultivation, method of production and marketing of perfumes including botany, nomenclature, origin, distribution and systematics of varieties in Kewda and its economic uses for development of rural economy with generation of man-days in operation of the Kewda distilleries and transport of the perfumes. 

The book is written in a simplified way for well understanding and to make it very useful for the scientists, professionals and farmers engaged in research and developmental activities of Kewda cultivation and perfume production with marketing of the highly prized Kewda products for a sustainable growth of the industry in the interests of the farmers and traders. 

Author Biography 
Dr. P. N. Jagadev:   -    presently working as Professor, Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar. 

Dr.Sashikala Beura:  -   presently working as the Professor and Head, Department of Floriculture and Landscaping and as Director, Biotechnology-cum-Tissue Culture Centre, Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar. 

Dr.Trinath Maharana: former Professor and Head, Department of Hortiuclture, Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar and Emeritus Professor, ICAR.  

Table of Contents : 
1. Introduction
2. Origin and Distribution Botany and Nomenclature 
3. Species and Varieties 
4. Breeding and Crop Improvement  
 5. Soil and Climate 
6. Propagation 
7. Cultivation 
8. Harvesting and Yield of Flower
9. Chemical Composition 
10. Insects, Pests and Diseases 
11. Perfume Production 
12. Marketing and Trade 
13. Economics of Cultivation 
14. Economic Uses    

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