Itr A Fragrant Odyssey | Perfume Creation, Self-Discovery, and The Art of Allure | Biography of a Perfume Artisan

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Author | Vipul Suri 
Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 
ISBN | 9788119445943 
Pages | 156

"Itr" is a captivating novel that takes readers on a journey into the world of perfume creation and self-discovery. The story follows Vipul Suri, a promising perfume artisan, as he seeks to create his signature fragrance that reflects his soul. Along the way, he encounters his enigmatic grandfather, Raghunath Sahai Suri, a renowned perfumer, who becomes his mentor.

As Vipul delves into the art of perfume-making, he travels the world, drawing inspiration from diverse landscapes and cultures. However, creating his masterpiece proves to be a formidable challenge as he navigates the fine line between tradition and creativity, facing self-doubt and learning patience and perseverance.

The novel beautifully intertwines Vipul's personal journey of self-discovery with his quest for the perfect scent. Memories resurface, emotions stir, and hidden desires are unlocked through the power of scent. Readers are immersed in the artistry of perfume-making, where each ingredient tells a story and evokes emotions.

"Itr" invites readers to explore the transformative power of fragrance, where it becomes a metaphor for life itself. It captures the allure of scent, the trials and triumphs of creation, and its profound impact on our perceptions, memories, and identity. This immersive novel resonates long after the final page, offering a sensory and emotional experience.


Table of Contents :

Publisher's Note 

ITR A Fragrant Odyssey

The Genesis

Pillars of Inspiration 
How to become an Expert in Perfumery ?

Harmonizing with Solitude :
How to Study Perfumery

The Scent of Ingredients :
How to Smell Ingredients?

Symphony with Naturals :
How to start learning Natural Ingredients?

Adventure with Synthetic Ingredients:
How to Approach and Learn synthetic Aroma Ingredients?

The Exploration of Harmony, "Accords" :
What are Fragrance Accords?

Fragrance Insights and Perspectives 
How to Evaluate Fragrances ?

Crafting Memories 
How to capture moments for your Creation ?

Realm of Attarts 
What are Attars ?

Eau de You 
How to Choose Fragrance for Yourself ?

The Aroma of Tommorow 
Exploring Innovative Applications and Technologies 

Evolving Echoes 


About the Author:

Coming from a family deeply entrenched in the fragrance industry, this individual belongs to a self-owned perfume house, celebrated as a pioneering Attar manufacturer. The family's perfumery legacy dates back to the 1950s when their grandfather initiated a small perfumery establishment in their hometown, Lucknow, India. This familial foundation set the stage for his journey into the realms of fragrance creation, manufacturing, and business management.

His early fascination with perfumery ignited during high school, and his education in Pharmaceutical Science further broadened their knowledge, encompassing elements like cosmetics, chemistry, herbs, and analysis. The intricate world of fragrances, both natural and synthetic, was largely self-taught, with guidance from perfumery literature. It took him four dedicated years to refine their skills and produce commercially successful fragrances.

Intriguingly, he also delved into the ancient art of creating Attars, employing traditional distillation methods that spanned several months. This process not only demanded patience but also deepened his understanding of natural ingredients. Expanding his horizons, he ventured into the global fragrance industry as an expert and evaluator, contributing their expertise to various product categories for clients across over five countries, serving numerous consumers, and continually evolving as a professional. He firmly believes that perfumery is an everlasting odyssey of learning, growth, and creation, where each fragrance conceals an unseen sensuality, waiting to be realized.

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