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  • Editors
    A. N. Arunkumar
    Geeta Joshi
    Rekha R. Warrier
    N. Nataraja Karaba

published : January 2022

  • Number of PagesXXII, 542
  • Number of Illustrations27 b/w illustrations, 97 illustrations in colour
  • Has been written by prominent scientists from around the globe

  • Covers both basic and applied research aspects of Indian Sandalwood

  • Serves as a reference for researchers and practitioners in academia and industry



This book provides a global perspective of Indian Sandalwood categorized as ‘Vulnerable’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. It deals with history, distribution, propagation, chemistry, utilization, improvement, trade, and conservation in the present context. This book explores ways and means for restoring its past glory by creating awareness for its conservation and sustainable utilization. The content encompasses informative tables, appropriate graphs and figures, and illustrations with photographs and line drawings. This compendium would be useful for foresters, forestry professionals, botanists, policymakers, conservationists, NGOs, and researchers in the academia and the industry sectors.


Santalum album Conservation Utilisation Heartwood Tree improvement Sandal oil Legal aspects

Part I History and Culture
1 Indian Sandalwood’s Heartwood of History: A Global Sketch from3000BCEto2020 
2 Indian Sandalwood: A History of Overexploitation
3 SandalwoodinIndian Culture 
4 AHistoryofIndianSandalwood in Australia 

Part II Status of Sandalwood Across the World

5 SandalwoodinKarnataka—PastandPresentStatus
6 StatusofSandalwoodinTamilNadu 
7 Marayoor Sandalwood Reserve—The Last Bastion of Indian Sandalwood 
8 Santalum album: Current Status, Research and Future PerspectivesinSriLanka 
9 Status of Sandalwood in Indonesia and Neighbouring
10 The Current Status of Indian Sandalwood Plantations in Australia

Part III Biology of the Species

11 TheBotanyofSandalwood 
12 AnatomyofIndianSandalwood(SantalumalbumL.) 
13 SeedBiology 
14 PollinationBiologyofSandalwood 
15 Host Plant Influence on Haustorial Growth and Development ofIndianSandalwood(Santalumalbum) 

Part IV Propagation and Cultivation

16 Nursery Practices, Plantation Technology and Hosts ofSandalwood(SantalumalbumL.) 
17 InsectPestsofIndianSandalwood 
18 Diseases, Diagnosis and Their Management of Indian
19 IndianSandalwoodCultivationProspectsinIndia 

Part V Tree Improvement and Biotechnology

20 Tree Improvement of Sandalwood in India with Special EmphasisonHeartwoodandOil—AnAnalysis 
21 Heartwood and Oil Content Variation in Sandalwood Accessions from diverse origins
22 Micropropagation in Sandalwood (Santalum album L)
23 GeneticDiversityAnalysisofIndianSandalwood 
24 PhotosynthesisinIndianSandalwood 
25 OmicsinSandalwood 

Part VI Utilisation

26 ChemistryandAnalysisofSantalumalbum
Dhanushka S. Hettiarachchi, Andrew Brown, and Mary C. Boyce
27 Cancer-Preventive and Antitumour Effects of Sandalwood OilandAlpha-Santalol 
28 Chandana(SantalumalbumL.)inAyurveda
29 Sandalwood—Perfumery 
30 SantalumalbumOilasaPharmaceuticalAgent 
31 IndianSandalwoodMarketTrend 

Part VII Perspectives

32 Modeled Distribution of and Threats to Sandalwood inaChangingEnvironment
33 Need for Geographical Information System Enabled
Conversational Assistant Driven by Artificial Intelligence
for Sandalwood Cultivation Support to Indian Farmer 
34 FutureDirectionsforIndianSandalwood

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