Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology Third edition

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Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology
Third edition
edited by Dilip M. Parikh

Rapid advances in the science of granulation, particle engineering and process controls, along with regulatory changes, have prompted key opinion leaders and regulatory authorities to develop the Third Edition of this authoritative, practical reference book.


  • STAY UP-TO-DATE—with what's being introduced and implemented in the industry—such as the concept of design space, process optimization and harmonization of regulations by the global health authorities
  • LEARN FROM THE EXPERTS—more than 45 global experts in manufacturing, engineering, pharmaceutical technology, drug delivery, pharmacy, and other sub-specialty areas share their years of experience to develop a trustworthy, comprehensive reference
  • ENSURE REGULATORY COMPLIANCE—as regulatory bodies are restructuring and developing a product quality regulatory system which provides a framework for implementing quality by design, continuous improvement, and risk management, it is imperative that scientists continue to adhere to the latest guidelines and protocols
  • SAVE VALUABLE TIME AND MONEY—by learning how to achieve and manage the most efficient and thus cost effective product development and manufacturing operation in the current competitive environment
  • ENHANCE YOUR RESEARCH—new chapters on key topics such as supercritical fluids, nanoparticulate technology, nutraceuticals, biotechnology, controlled release granulation, process control, and expert systems provide in-depth analyses on key drivers in the field


  1. Introduction
  2. Theory of Granulation: An Engineering Perspective
  3. Drug Substance and Excipient Characterization
  4. Binders in Pharmaceutical Granulation
  5. Spray Drying and Pharmaceutical Applications
  6. Supercritical Fluid Technology
  7. Pharmaceutical Applications of Nanoengineering
  8. Roller Compaction Technology
  9. Wet Granulation in Low and High Shear Mixers
  10. Batch Fluid Bed Granulation
  11. Single Pot Processing
  12. Extrusion-Spheronization as a Granulation Technique
  13. Continuous Granulation
  14. Effervescent Granulation
  15. Granulation Approaches in Biotech Industry
  16. Granulation of Plant Products and Nutraceuticals
  17. Granulation Approaches for Modified Release Products
  18. Granulation of Poorly Water Soluble Drugs
  19. Granulation Approaches for Orally Disintegrating Formulations
  20. Melt Granulation
  21. Sizing of Granulation
  22. Granulation Characterization
  23. Bioavailability and Granule Properties
  24. Granulation Process Modelling
  25. Scale Up Considerations in Granulation
  26. Advances in Process controls and End Point Determination
  27. Experts Systems and Their Use in Pharmaceutical Applications
  28. Regulatory Issues in Granulation: The Pharmaceutical Quality for the 21st Century – A Risk Based Approach


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