Handbook of Applied Surface and Colloid Chemistry, 2 volume set Krister Holmberg

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Handbook of Applied Surface and Colloid Chemistry, 2 volume set

Krister Holmberg
1110 pages
December 2001



The 'Handbook of Applied Surface and Colloid Chemistry' is a unique reference work that addresses the most important applications, phenomena and analytical techniques of wet surface chemistry. Including an enormous wealth of mainly practically orientated information it is written by an international team of renowned scientists and delivers with authority and experience content that thoroughly covers all the major applications.

Helpfully organised into five parts the two volumes incorporate a double column format and numerous diagrams. The user-friendly structure allows readers to rapidly locate topics of particular interest and the clearly defined sections present the topic in a thorough and comprehensive manner.

Part One: Surface Chemistry in Important
Covers industrial and domestic uses - from life
science-related applications right through to industrial processes.

Part Two: Surfactants
Thoroughly addresses the key properties and
applications of the most important surfactants - the
main tool in surface and colloid chemistry.

Part Three: Colloidal Systems and Layer
Structures at Surfaces
Provides full information on four important colloidal
systems such as:
-- Solid dispersions (suspensions)
-- Foams
-- Vesicles and liposomes
-- Microemulsions

Part Four: Phenomena in Surface Chemistry
Extensively reviews the important phenomena of
foam breaking, solubilization, rheological effects of
surfactants, as well as wetting, spreading and

Part Five: Analysis and Characterization in
Surface Chemistry
To assist the researcher focussing on a particular
problem the section is organised by surface
parameter rather than by method or technique.
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Part 1: Surface Chemistry in Important Technologies.

Surface Chemistry in Pharmacy (Martin Malmsten).

Surface Chemistry in Food and Feed (Bjorn Bergenstahl).

Surface Chemistry in Detergency (Wolfgang von Rybinski).

Surface Chemistry in Agriculture (Tharwat F. Tadros).

Surface and Colloid Chemistry in Photographic Technology (John Texter).

Surface Chemistry in Paints (Krister Holmberg).

Surface Chemistry in Paper (Fredrick Tiberg et al).

Surface Chemistry in the Polymerization of Emulsion (Klaus Tauer).

Colloidal Processing of Ceramics (Lennart Bergstrom).

Surface Chemistry in Disperson, Flocculation and Flotation (Brij M. Moudgil eet al).

Surface Chemistry in the Petroleum Industry (James R Kanicky et al).

Part 2: Surfactants.

Anionic Surfactants (Antje Schmalstieg and Guenther W. Wasow).

Nonionic Surfactants (Michael F. Cox).

Cationic Surfactants (Dale S. Steichen).

Zwitterionic and Amphoteric Surfactants (David T. Floyd et al).

Polymeric Surfactants (Tharwat F. Tadros).

Speciality Surfactants (Krister Holmberg).

Hydrotropes (Anna Matero).

Physico-Chemical Properties of Surfactants (Bjorn Lindman).

Surfactant-Polymer Systems (Bjorn Lindman).

Surfactants Liquid Crystals (Syed Hussan et al).

Environmental Aspects of Surfactants (Lothar Huber and Lutz Nitschke).

Molecular Dynamics Computer Simulations of Surfactants (Hubert Kuhn and Heinz Rehage).

Part 3: Colloidal Systems and Layer Structures at Surfaces.

Solid Dispersons (Staffan Wall).

Foams and Foaming (Robert J. Pugh).

Vesicles (Brian H. Robinson and Madeleine Rogerson).

Microemulsions (Klaus Wormuth et al).

Langmuir-Blodgett Films (Hubert Motschmann and Helmuth Mohwald).

Self-Assembling Monolayers: Alkaline Thiols on Gold (Dennis S. Everhart).

Part 4: Phenomena in Surface Chemistry.

Wetting, Spreading and Penetration (Karina Grundke).

Foam Breaking in Aqueous Systems (Robert J. Pugh).

Solubilization (Thomas Zemb and Fabienne Testard).

Rheological Effects in Surfactant Phases (Heinz Hoffmann and Werner Ulbricht).

Part 5: Analysis and Characterization in Surface Chemistry

Measuring Equilibrium Surface Tensions (Michael Mulqueen and Paul D.T. Huibers).

Measuring Dynamic Surface Tensions (Reinhard Miller et al).

Determining Critical Micelle Concentration (Alexander Patist).

Measuring Contact Angle (C.N. Catherine Lam et al).

Measuring Micelle Size and Shape (Magnus Nyden).

Identification of Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Mesophases (Stephen T. Hyde).

Characterization of Microemulsion Structure (Ulf Olsson).

Measuring Particle Size by Light Scattering (Michael Borkovec).

Measurement of Electrokinetic Phenomena in Surface Chemistry (Norman L. Burns).

Measuring Interactions between Surfaces (Per M Claesson and Mark W. Rutland).

Measuring the Forces and Stability of Thin-Liquid Films (Vance Bergeon).

Measuring Adsorption (Bengt Kronberg).


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