Green Chemistry: Synthesis of Bioactive Heterocycles by Editors: Ameta, K. L., Dandia, Anshu (Eds.)

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  • Explains green chemistry synthetic methodologies used for the synthesis of biologically active heterocyclic compounds
  • Discusses applications of various bioactive heterocycles
  • A very informative material for green chemists and medicinal chemists

The book presents a succinct summary of methods for the synthesis and biological activities of various different-sized bioactive heterocycles using different green chemistry synthetic methodologies, like microwave, ultrasonic, water mediated, ionic liquids, etc. The book also provides an insight of how green chemistry techniques are specific to the bioactive heterocyclic compounds.



1 Synthesis of Heterocycles Through Multicomponent Reactions in Water Pethaiah Gunasekaran, J. Carlos Menéndez and Subbu Perumal

2 Sustainable Approaches Towards the Synthesis of Quinoxalines
Pradeep S. Jadhavar, Dinesh Kumar, Priyank Purohit, Bhavin V. Pipaliya, Asim Kumar, Srikant Bhagat and Asit K. Chakraborti

3 Eco-Friendly Synthesis of Bioactive Heterocycles.
Ali Gharib

4 Ammonium- and Phosphonium-Based Ionic Liquid: Green and Reusable Catalysts
Swapanil R. Sarda, Sunil K. Wasmatkar, Wamanrao N. Jadhav, Satish A. Dake, Anjan R. Sawale, Niteshkumar S. kaminwar, Suresh U. Shisodia and Rajendra P. Pawar

5 An Approach Towards Green Switch Through Nanocatalysis for the Synthesis of Biodynamic Heterocycles

Anshu Dandia, Vijay Parewa and Amit Sharma

6 Microwave-Induced Synthesis of Various Quinoline Derivatives: Green Methodologies in Organic Synthesis
N. C. Desai and Amit M. Dodiya

7 Imidazolium Ionic Liquids: An Environment-Friendly Medium for Various Applications

Satish A. Dake, Swapanil R. Sarda, Rajendra P. Marathe, Rajesh B. Nawale, Uday A. Deokate, Somshekhar S. Khadabadi and Rajendra P. Pawar 

8 Water: A Benign Solvent for the Synthesis of Various Organic Moieties
Chetna Ameta and K. L. Ameta

9 Synthesis and Synthetic Applications of Biologically Interesting Rhodanine and Rhodanine-Based Scaffolds

Sadegh Rostamnia and Esmail Doustkhah

10 Molecular Iodine: Mild, Green, and Nontoxic Lewis Acid Catalyst for the Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds
Anshu Dandia, Shyam L. Gupta and Shuchi Maheshwari

11 Microwave Radiations: A Tool for the Synthesis of Heterocycles in an Ecofriendly Manner
Shipra Bhardwaj and K. L. Ameta

12 Green Chemistry Approach Using Heterogeneous Catalysts in the Heterocyclic Synthesis
Sudesh Kumar, Prachi Rathi, K. L. Ameta and Dharma Kishore

13 Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some Quinazoline Heterocyclic Derivatives

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